Post – “Iron Man” Quilt confession

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well.  I enjoyed reading all your comments left on my “Iron Man” quilt post.

Post “Iron Man” day has been a cleaning day for me.  I also have a confession.  Miss Baby and I love Christmas so much that we have been dilly-dallying on putting up the rest of the Christmas stuff.  I managed to stow away quite a bit of Christmas things today.  I have just a little left to pack, and Christmas will be officially over for us.


As to how to handle this — I think I shall do the tacky thing and leave those stickers up for the next Christmas. :)


So I am curious if there are any of you that still have your Christmas stuff up… :)

Thanks for stopping by.  Till tomorrow.


26 thoughts on “Post – “Iron Man” Quilt confession

  1. I love Christmas too, Wendy!! It seems a little sad when it is over. Just put the last of my things away last week. I put a little away each day…… it is time for Valentine decorating!!!

  2. The inside of the house is done, but outside lights are still on the house, but not lit. The other decorations are still in the chair on the porch. I am using the 20 degree weather as my excuse.

  3. Just took most of mine down this past weekend. Have left the lighted greens out on the fence because it looks so nice. Kind of like a “welcome home” when I pull into the drive. Will probably take them down as soon as the weather warms up a bit. {below 0 today} I do have a tiny Mary,Joseph.& baby Jesus figurine that I leave out year round as a good reminder to keep the Christmas spirit. Blessings to you!

  4. I have garland with white lights up over my cabinets (the whole length). I put it up in early November and place Pilgrims, leaves and orange berries in it. December I replace the Pilgrims with Carolers and red beaded garland. After Christmas Snowman stay up all winter. I truly enjoy the cheer from November to March!

  5. I still have some silk poinsettia in an arrangement on our porch. And I used a four-plate plate rack as a quilt rack this year. Added some greenery and poinsettias, hid the plate holders. Neat additon to the kitchen, something different from just plates!

  6. I’m sorry to say we put ours away two weeks ago so I could sew again. I sew in a corner of our lounge room which had to be packed up for the new Christmas tree. That being said, we have always decorated at the end of Advent for the Christmas cycle and have always enjoyed Christmas up to the Purification on February 2nd. There is still time to decorate for Valentines Day which just happens to be our Wedding Anniversary and the anniversary of our first date forty two years ago. Wow, that is scary in print. We always have two beautiful porcelain angels on the sideboard all year.

  7. Yes, I still have our Christmas wreath up outside under the window, but only because its frozen solid and covered with frozen snow, so I can’t unwrap the wire it is is attached to. Also have Christmas cards still sitting around, but its because I enjoy looking through them and reading notes from friends and family.

  8. In a transition time right now…..snowmen and winter themed items out, yet. Valentine’s Day ushers in the Spring theme for me (it’s a psychological survival ‘thing’….LOL!). Hugs, Doreen

  9. Everything is put up but one small tree hanging on my wall that my daughter made for me. She made it with country colors instead of Christmas so I’m leaving it……it’s too cute to put away.

  10. Well, now at least I don’t feel so bad! We still have a wreath on the front of the house, and it can’t come down until my husband has a chance to go up on a ladder next weekend. I think the stickers on Miss Baby’s play house are adorable! I know what you mean about the post-Christmas decoration blues. It’s so much easier going right from one holiday to the next, like Thanksgiving into Advent into Christmas. What you and I both need to do is get some VALENTINE’S DAY decorations that we can put up as we take the Christmas things down. Miss Baby’s house needs some sparkly red heart stickers, don’t you agree? :-)

  11. I thought I had it all put away…until my 6 yr. old granddaughter noticed the “Believe” plaque hanging over the dining room doorway. She asked me about it’s meaning, and I explained that it was to remember to believe in Santa. In what could only be the wisdom of a child, she told me that it was more important to believe in God, but that she believed in Santa too (just in case Santa was still watching!) I was so proud of her knowing what’s really important! Almost made me want to leave that big green and red plaque up just for her!

  12. For me, Christmas is such a wonderful time that so long as your enjoy the decorations, leave them up as long as you want. But, I do try to find a quiet time after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve to pack things away…..on the other hand there have been years where that is totally impractical. So, don’t stress. Simply enjoy the spirit of the holidays while they are up.


  13. We took our Christmas things down New Year’s Eve or Day, I can’t remember which, mainly because my husband and youngest son were off and able to help. :-) But it seems to be a tradition that we unwittingly overlook something — this year it was a flower arrangement on the table on the front porch. It was taken down and put in a corner when it kept being blown off during some high winds — and it is still there. We don’t usually come in that door so I keep forgetting about it.

  14. Just took it all down this past Saturday (and hurt my back in the process!), but it is done and it feels good! I depise de-Christmasing and am always so relieved when it is over! o:)

  15. The whole reason to put up decorations for the holidays is to lighten and brighten, and it is so dreary once they come down. I leave up most everything except the tree till Valentines day or after since I use mostly red decorations. Then I just add a few hearts here and there and I’m all set for another month.

  16. Well your stickers are very cute. We have packed everything away for the year. Two years ago we make 2 gingerbread houses. To avoid any temptation for our large dog (labrador), I put them up on top of the cupboard above the phone counter and immediately forgot about them. They stayed up there for an entire year, until we had made houses the next year and I got out the stepladder to put that years up. Once you look at something enough times it blends into the rest of the house, and you forget put them away (at least thats my excuse).

    Thanks for sharing with us today!

  17. All of my Christmas decorations are still up. There is song that starts up: “I cry every time I take the tree down.” and another “Christmas is my favourite time of year”. I have a hard, hard, hard time taking my decorations and tree done.

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