Jean’s Quilt made from Annie’s “Learn to Machine Quilt” Class

Miss Baby:  Mom, when I grow bigger, you can teach me how to push the quilt under the machine.

My commentary:  I think that’s Miss Baby’s perception of “free-motion quilting” – where I “push” the quilt under my sewing machine.  I just love how a four-year-old defines free-motion quilting, don’t you? :)

Miss Baby

Well, maybe when Miss Baby is bigger, she can take my “Learn to Machine Quilt” class – because the techniques featured in the class are selected to help quilters master the skill of “pushing” moving their quilt sandwiches underneath the oftentimes small and limited throat space of their domestic machines. HA!

Learn to Machine Quilt

Jean of Arkansas made my day when she sent me pictures of her quilt made from the “Learn to Machine Quilt” class.  Jean has also graciously allowed me to share those pictures with you.


You can see that center square of Jean’s quilt is a replica of my class project.  She added borders made with fabrics she had picked up in France to make the class project into a very attractive table topper!  Very creatively done, Jean!


You can see Jean’s “Double Echoing” and Jester’s Hat” motifs in the following close-up shot…


… as well as her cross-hatching, pebbles and stippling.


Very nice work, Jean!  Thank you for sharing the pictures with us.  Please tell Jean she did a great job, would you?

[In case you are new to Ivory Spring, my “Learn to Machine Quilt” is an online class offered by Annie’s.  It is designed with flexibility in mind – you can sign up anytime, watch, learn, and work on your class project at your leisure.  The class is yours to keep forever once you purchase the class.  Quite a few Ivory Spring readers have written to tell me they have signed up and on their way to experiencing the joy of machine quilting.  I hope you will let me come alongside and help you jumpstart your machine quilting journey as well.  Click here to watch a free preview, and sign up for the class.  Maybe I will see in “class”?]

Thanks for stopping by, Friends.  Come back tomorrow as I will be sharing yet another free pattern!

32 thoughts on “Jean’s Quilt made from Annie’s “Learn to Machine Quilt” Class

  1. Wow, Jean what a great job you did! I have the class here and need to kick myself in the behind and get on it. This has really inspired me. And Wendy, Miss Baby certainly has grown! She’s seems much more like a young lady now!

  2. Guessing had better get to watching and learning, trying to get a few things done so I can spend some quality time learning.
    She did an amazing job I hope I can do as well.

  3. Jean….Wow!…..with this as ‘evidence’, you have fantastic quilting days ahead and so much fun in the process! Take it from one who has, also, learned most of what I do in the quilting technique department from Wendy! Clear, concise, motivating, inspiring, creative and uber sweet——that’s Wendy! I can wait to see what Miss Baby will create when she has her opportunity to “push” fabric under the machine……hugs, D

  4. GREAT! I hope mine turns out half as good as hers. Jean did an excellent job and love how she turned it into a table topper. Very creative. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Geez! I purchased the machine quilt class over two months ago and I still haven’t gotten to it. Jean did a GREAT job and it inspires me to set aside other things and get to it. Well, after I’m done helping w/grand children. Just welcomed our 13th grand baby, so life is good. Just need lots more time for quilting.

  6. Your Miss Baby sounds like a real sweet and intelligent little Miss. That was such a sweet photo of Miss Baby with her little red boots. Her personality shines through even in the photo.

    I have a four-year old grandson, who was one of the first of my twelve grandchildren to receive their quilt made by me. Now I am working on my seventh and I want to quilt it my self using what I have learned from your class. Thank you Jean and Wendy for your inspiration. Jean your topper is beautiful.

  7. Miss baby is, as I have always known since we first met…a very smart young lady :) That is a great quilt that has been made from your classes. I have watched the introduction, and Know it will be wonderful! Its lovely to hear your voice too .Jean did a really great job ….Hugs

  8. I’m always amazed at how some people just seem to have the “knack” for free motion. I wish my journey had started out so easy. Nice work Jean! I do believe you’re a natural!

  9. Thank you all for your kind words. Wendy is such an inspiration to me! I took my first class from her about 5 years ago when she was teaching new Bernina machine users how to use the BSR at the Rogers Sewing Center in Arkansas. I had such a love/hate relationship with the BSR for so many years, but did learn to stipple. About 6 months ago I started taking other on-line classes, took some hints & tips from them. It wasn’t until this class & watching Wendy sew that I picked up some new ideas, able to email her to discuss them & I was off & running. A few weeks ago the sewing center had a display of her quilts for a few weeks & Wendy came & did a presentation on why she quilted a quilt a certain way that was so interesting. Her quilts are even more beautiful in person! And, yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks, since I am over 70! Wish I had learned all this years ago, would like to redo quilts I did many years ago. Oh, the border on that table topper is actually striped fabric, not strips of fabric sewed together. When I bought it in France I thought it was so interesting but never found a use for it until now. Again, thanks to all of you & keep practicing! Jean

  10. Hi, I just left a long comment on the posts, hope that was OK. I’m really surprised how many people have commented on it, makes me feel good! Jean

  11. Through the eyes of a child……..

    Great job on the quilt, Jean!! Isn’t it amazing that there is always something new to learn in quilting?

  12. Beautiful job, Jean…and you’re really an inspiration to us who are still trying, practicing, trying, practicing…..etc…..I just turned 60 so I guess there’s hope for me yet! I totally agree with you that Wendy is a dear soul! And Miss Baby…or Miss 4 is a sweetie as well. I have 3 daughters all grown and I really miss them at that age….inquisitive and wise all rolled into one little darling girl. Now with 2 infant grandsons I’m thinking in terms of Gammie Quilter instead of Momma Quilter. Blessings to you both….kathy

    • Hi Kathi, I just turned 62 — our stories are very similar. I have five grown children, and the last will be leaving our home town later this month. I have twelve grandchildren — all smart and progressing nicely. The oldest and the two youngest will leave also with their mother. I am happy for them, but sad for me. Already, my four year old grandson will have the opportunity to take French Immersion when he goes to kindergarten in the fall — an opportunity he couldn’t receive in our small town. I believe the thing that will keep me from being sad, is that I have a goal to make quilts for each of my grandchildren (six quilts which are already done). And then I will proceed with one for each of my children and their spouses. And finishing three I have started for my guests rooms and my livingroom. Your comments inspired me. I hope the very best for you.

  13. I am interested in this class, but have a question. I have a Little Gracie quilting frame with a Juki machine. I would love to be able to quilt in this beautiful way. However, I am moving the machine, not the fabric. Would this method still work for me?

    On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 3:00 PM, Ivory Spring

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  15. Jean: Beautifully done!
    I purchased the class online and have yet to get to it. That is the nice thing about online classes-do them at your convenience. Plan to do this before to long. Love the picture of Miss Baby–she is just so cute! Blesssings for a great weekend.

  16. Wow! I am impressed. It’s Friday night after a very long week of work. I don’t have the energy to sit at my machine tonight, but you can bet I will be there tomorrow and will be practicing. Kudos to teacher and student.

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