Mediterranean Mosaic: Sneak Peek!

Hello Friends,

I managed to finish a quilt in the midst of unpacking from our trip, grocery shopping trips, and tending to a sick Miss Baby!  Life is crazy at the moment… but that is also typical of a mother’s life who loves to quilt, right?

Here is a preview of my Mediterranean Mosaic, using Quilting Treasures’ new line Mediterranean Dream fabrics.  The fabrics are truly beautiful, like in a dream!!  I quilted “long-arm” style allover quilting motif on this quilt.


I will have more to share about the fabrics, the project, and the quilting motif!  Stay tuned.

Gotta run for now.  You have a lovely day out there, okay?  Hugs!

p.s.  Thanks so much for your input on my binding post yesterday.

17 thoughts on “Mediterranean Mosaic: Sneak Peek!

  1. HI I enjoy your blog and posts so much. It’s even become a favorite pastime to find your quilts in magazines….there are several of course that I’d noticed before I found “Ivory Spring”. Would you consider posting a video of you quilting “long arm style”? It would be very helpful. I’ve been a hand-quilter for nearly 40 years and have been trying to perfect fmq’ing the last year. Unfortunately, though, my fmq skill do not match my hand-quilting skill. I’m having difficulty machine quilting a larger motif….I use a Supreme Slider but still cannot manage to “move” the quilt for a more sweeping effect. Am I making sense? Thanks again…your work is quite inspiring. As a just-turned 60 mother of 3 and grandma of 2 it’s nice to see young quilters/moms be so successful.

  2. This is a beautiful line of fabric my favorites are aquas as you know. I am looking forward to seeing that quilt.
    I do hope Miss Baby is better soon. Giver her a hug but don’t get sick yourself. Bunny

  3. All-over/long-arm style quilting is, perhaps, the biggest challenge to those who use DMSs. I find that it is difficult to maintain an evenness of density and scale throughout. Even on the HQ Sweet Sixteen (sit-down long-arm ) there are similar issues. The panoramic view that a quilt on a long-arm frame affords one really cannot be achieved easily in a smaller table setting but it is NOT impossible….as Wendy has just illustrated graphically for us all!!! Your quilting motif is one of my faves and similar to a pattern that I fall back on. Fab post!!!!! Hugs…….

  4. So love your preview. Wendy I’ve never used Quilting Treasures before, but those colors are gorgeous. Are QTs the same as quality as Moda?

    Hope Miss Baby feels herself again soon.

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