Ivory Spring Quilt Showdown: FINAL!

Happy Monday Friends!  Now, it’s time for the favorite of your favorites.  The choices below are the winners from the 5 categories featured in our quilt showdowns in the last couple of weeks.  It was really fun for me to check out which quilts won the categories.

1.  Out of the Nest (Winner of Sweet and Fresh, The Quilter August/September 2012)


2.  Sweet Shoppe (Winner of Whimsical, Simple Quilts and Sewing Winter 2012)


3.  Country Breeze (Winner of Comfort, Fons and Porter Easy Quilts Summer 2012)

Scrappy Delight-04

4.  Stars of Hope (Winner of Joy, Fons and Porter Love of Quilting December 2012)


5.  China Blue (Winner of Geometry, QUILT October/November 2012)


Thanks for playing along!  I hope you have a lovely week.  Hugs to you all.

10 thoughts on “Ivory Spring Quilt Showdown: FINAL!

  1. This is still difficult as they are all beautiful. I’m still drawn to China Blue, but Out of Nest is such a fun design and SPECTACULAR FMQ! Love, love, love it. Did I tell you I love it? I think I’m going to stare at this picture all night, bookmark it and keep coming back to admire it. Yeap, love it! I bet Miss Baby loves it too!


  2. I am glad the Sweet Shoppe won. I didn’t see the category which “Which Out of the Nest” came from. But it is really beautiful. I would like to make Sweet Shoppe in blues, since I only have four out twelve granddaughters.

  3. I will correct my mistakes: omit the second “Which” Add “of” after out in the last sentence.
    I had thought of adding this before, but I thought maybe it wouldn’t mean anything to anyone else. I found out yesterday my last child out of five is moving away from us here in Southern Alberta Canada. I cried and cried last night in the arms of a dear friend after she told us. My friend has just come to visit when Jennifer told me the good news for her and her family; and the sad, sad sad news for me.
    Thank goodness, my friend had come, because my husband just doesn’t know how to handle me at the best of times, let alone when I am crying uncontrollably.
    I will especially miss my four year old grandson who for about the last two or three years has wanted to be with me everyday. His grandpa isn’t much of a talker — so David’s company to me has been a real blessing.
    BUT I do know having taking up my quilting again since 1982, it will be the biggest blessing I will have at this time. Wendy, you are so gracious, and I know I am going to learn so very much from you. I am doing another course, while I await to afford some of the last tools and fabrics for yours. Boy she whips through steps so fast. I remember you saying you had to sew very slowly. That’s me. Thank you for taking the time to do these classes for me. It may be now my buisiness — but howl old is “Miss” Baby and is “Miss” her first name.

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