Ivory Spring Quilt Showdown #5: Geometry!

Hello Friends,

This will be the last quilt showdown of my 2012 quilts.  Next Monday, you will get to vote on the favorite among favorites, and then we will be moving onto all things 2013.

This particular showdown category features quilt blocks featuring distinct geometry – quarter circles and sharp points.

1.  China Blue (QUILT, October/November 2012)


2.  Silver Maple (Fons and Porter Easy Quilts, Winter 2012)


3.  Fresh and Refreshed (Quilter’s World, February 2012)


4.  Solace (Quilt Trends, Spring 2013)


Which is your geometric favorite?

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  See you next week!



7 thoughts on “Ivory Spring Quilt Showdown #5: Geometry!

  1. Tough choice!! It was between “China Blue” (you know me and blue/white!) and “Silver Maple”……the second won out this time. Adore the quilting! and the pattern is one I have thought about doing for some time…..hugs, D

  2. I like them all. I’m partial to circles so I will vote for Solace but I really love all and I mean ALL the quilts you show us.

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