Ivory Spring Quilt Showdown #3: Comfort

I love making projects of warm autumn palette because the colors often remind me of the coziness of comfort food…

1.  Country Breeze (Fons and Porter Easy Quilts, Summer 2012)


2.  Warm Blessings (Quilter’s World, December 2012)

quilt assembly

3.  Mosaic Stars (Quilter’s World, October 2012)


4.  Modern Country (Simply Solids by Annie’s, November 2012)


5.  Log Cabin Leaves Pillows (Fons and Porter Easy Quilts, Fall 2012)


Which one catches your fancy?

Thanks for stopping by, Friends!  I hope you are still enjoying the New Year!

6 thoughts on “Ivory Spring Quilt Showdown #3: Comfort

  1. I love the feathering on the Country Breeze –you do a beautiful job on all your quilts sometimes it is really hard to decide which one I like. Hope this New Yr. brings you much joy, many blessings from above, and good health to all.

  2. Although I like the little birdie in Modern Country, I love the colors in Country Breeze. I like the different things you can do with the Log Cabin pattern, too, like the leaves and the kite in another of your quilts.

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