Christmas CraftyTradition

Hello Friends.  I hope you are doing well.  Our little family is a little under the weather.  So, we have been trying to rest as much as we can before Christmas comes… I, for one, do NOT want to get sick before, during and after Christmas!!!

I am not sure how it happened, but I am pretty sure it all started when I gave handmade ornaments for my young friends one year back in my pre-Miss Baby era.  Now I make it a point to still make ornaments to give to the teenagers as well as Miss Baby. I finished Miss Baby’s a couple of weekends ago.  It is one of twelve in the Twelve Days of Christmas series (pattern by The Cat’s Whiskers).


Do you have any crafty Christmas traditions?  If so, what are they?

Thanks for stopping by!  It’s really beginning to look like Christmas…. because we finally got to see the HUGE Christmas tree near my husband’s office.  I just have a couple more things to check off on our list of “to-see Christmas sights”, and we will be ready!


13 thoughts on “Christmas CraftyTradition

  1. Our most recent tradition, for the last eight years, is to have a Grandkids sleepover the beginning of December. We do crafts all evening. We enjoy listening to a Christmas story, read by one of the Grandkids. We all sleep on the living room floor in sleeping bags. Breakfast consists of hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs. They always frost gingerbread cookies before going home. As one of my Grandson’s wrote in his thank you note, “I had more fun than ever before ( if that is even possible):). Such wonderful memories for our nine Grandchildren, my husband, and me.

  2. Wow, that really is a big tree.

    We have a few traditions, but some of my favorites are quite simple…..I enjoy nightly walks in our neighborhood to enjoy all the Christmas lights.

    Hope everyone in your family feels better very soon and you stay healthy. My DH came down with a bad cold and I’m trying hard to not catch it.


  3. that is a HUGE tree!
    DH and I love Christmas, we start decorating around Halloween, but we basicly do indoor decorations. We have several OK MANY Christmas plaaces that we have to go visit, certain houses that have a lot of lights, the Christmas Horse buggy parade in Lebabon Ohio, Shillitoes Elves now located at Newport on the Levy in Ky, THe Cincinnati Museum Center train display, The Nutcracker Ballet….. It’s exhausting, and I have a cold that is hopefully going to go away b4 Christmas, but if I follow my normal path of Upper Resp Inf, It will get worse instead of better. I’m trying though.

  4. That is an amazing tree!! My newest “tradition” is to go to a nearby church that has a display of over 500 nativities! They are put on display by members of the congregation and are from all over the world. It took us several hours to see them all!

  5. Crafty things? Well, quilting of course. Have a pillow to finish and this year is a wrap. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Wendy.

  6. What a truly sweet little ornament! I usually try to buy each grandchild a new ornament every year. When my children were small, we always let them open one present on Christmas Eve, and it was always new pajamas :*)

    I’m trying very hard to avoid sickness too – my husband got the flu this past week, but thankfully it seems to have been the short-lived variety because he is back up and at work. I still don’t want it, no matter how short it is!!!

    Merry Christmas to you & yours!!!!

  7. Oh lovely Christmas tree!,
    Well, I have been so busy this year, but not quilting… I made a lot of things out of felt for friends and my sister in law is undergoing chemo month this month and as expected it is nasty and rough. I have been focusing mostly on fun mail for her since she is in NH and I am in VA
    We have also been attending the customary Christmas presentations and concerts.
    Everyone, please stay healthy. Drink a minimum of a half gallon of water every day. Tea is good too. Hydrate! ( yes, I am an olden nurse)
    Merry Christmas to all of you.

  8. I do hope you all get to feeling better.

    It seems that a lot of things I used to do I don’t do anymore but have found new things to take its place.

    Love the tree.

  9. I decorate the house especially Christmas cookie jars on the bookcases and mantel in the family room.
    Friends, who are close as family, come over for every Christmas Eve and we have our meal around a 6×8 foot table. We have been doing this since the kids were little. The youngest is now 31.
    Funny how it has became a tradition without us knowing.

  10. That is a sweet tradition! I started out making an ornament of every craft I tried but didn’t keep up with it. Over the last few years I’ve seen online a lot of crafty Christmas trees and wanted to make a whole forest of them for our mantel. I’ve made two so far. :-)

    What a gorgeous tree!

    Hope you’re all feeling better!

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