Exciting: Upcoming appearance at Rogers Sewing Center!

Hello Friends!  I always enjoy meeting and talking to quilters whenever I do a quilting-related event.  I love hearing about their life experiences and stories on how they got started with quilting.  But because of where I am in my season of life, I have not really done many public appearances like I did a few years ago… BUT…

I am going to appear at Rogers Sewing Center in Rogers, Arkansas on December 29th for a seminar.  I am super excited!!!  I will be sharing my thought processes on going about deciding what to quilt on my quilts.  I hope a few tips/tricks will get you on the right path to enjoying quilting your own quilts.  Call 479-636-8240 to reserve your spot.


[image source: Screenshot from http://www.rogerssewingcenter.com]

Meanwhile, Rogers Sewing Center is displaying about 30 of my recent quilts through the month of December.  You will get to see the feathers I quilted in person — I made sure the quilts that have feathers quilted on them made it to the display.   Many sweethearts among you have also written and told me how you have enjoyed the Quilt Showcase!  A big thank you for your kind words, and a bigger thank you to Rogers Sewing Center for showing my quilts.


Plus, if you have yet to meet Dan and Rhonda of Rogers Sewing Center, you just have to drop by and meet these two dear friends in my quilting innermost circle.  I was just telling Rhonda a couple of weeks ago that my quilts are very much the accomplishments of Rogers Sewing Center as well.  Dan and Rhonda have just encouraged and helped me in all ways possible ever since the day I walked into Rogers Sewing Center to buy a sewing machine!


Alrightie, my friends.  I have to get back to work.  I am working on a quilt that is super easy in theory, but the orientations of the blocks that affect the directions of the seam allowances are driving me nuts!  I am sure the quilters amongst you have never experienced that… :)

Come back later this week for another magazine feature quilt, and hopefully, another Thread Talk post!  Love you all!  Bye for now.

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14 thoughts on “Exciting: Upcoming appearance at Rogers Sewing Center!

  1. What a lucky group of quilters…getting to spend time with such an inspired (and inspiring) artist! Makes me wish I could squeeze in a trip to Arkansas in between all the holiday happenings!

    • Hi Rhonda,

      I am excited about seeing you! :)

      I hope it’s okay for me to use the pictures you sent – please let me know if it’s not, and I will take them off. I tried calling earlier, but the line was busy for quite a bit. I just went ahead and posted the pictures.

      How did the Open House go? I hope it was everything you and Dan had expected it to be…

      Love, Wendy

  2. I wish I were in Arkansas! I would come meet you in a New York minute! If you come to Florida, you must let me know, and I will plan to attend… even if I’m not a quilter and only an admirer of quilts and YOU.



  3. I envy those who are going to meet Wendy. Just the way she has answered my questions, she sounds very patient and very kind. If I hadn’t decided to make eight table toppers for Christmas gifts, I would be doing my class on, “Learning to Quilt”. I will probably start the quilt very shortly after Christmas.
    I can hardly wait to start my class. I am hoping those I give my table toppers to, will enjoy receiving them as much as I have making therm. I am so glad I have come across Annies, which also led me Wendy and to this quiltling blog.
    I hope you alll have a Merry Christmas and that we all remember why we have Chrismas — celebrating the life of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Thank you again.

  4. I am so glad you are doing this. I look forward to seeing you again. I hope the weather stays nice so there are no travel problems.

  5. Oh how I wish I could see everyone at Rogers Sewing Center while you are there. I miss everyone there so much and agree that they are the most inspiring, positive, and encouraging people! We are blessed to call them friends!

    Have fun and enjoy your time there.

    Miss you!

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