Virtual Trunk Show #9: Christmas 2012

I look back all my projects this year, and found that I actually have done quite a cache of Christmas projects for 2012.  So I thought I would lump all of them here in a post.  I hope they will give you some ideas in case you are still looking for ideas for Christmas projects to make for this year, or of course, next year!

Click on the project name for information on how to access the pattern instructions.

1.  Midwinter Night pillow (The Quilter, Holiday 2012)


2.  Stars of Hope (Fons and Porter Love of Quilting, November/December 2012)


3.  Cottage Chic Christmas (Quilter’s World, December 2012)


4.  Greeting Cards (The Quilter, Holiday 2012)

Holiday Magic

5.  Holiday Cheer (free download pattern, Quilting Treasures; kit available here)

Holiday Cheer

6.  Wintertide (free download pattern, Benartex)


Wintertide Green

7.  Homespun Holidays (free download pattern, Quilting Treasures)

Homespun Holidays Quilt2

Homespun Holidays Quilt1

Which one is your favorite?

Click here if you need more Christmas ideas.  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week ahead.  I do hope you are enjoying the Christmas season thus far.  Miss Baby told us a few nights ago regarding Christmas, “At last!  It’s my favorite time of year.”  I don’t think it’s her original.  She must be repeating what someone else has said…. but she gets A+ expressing the sentiment in the right context.  Don’t you think? :)

14 thoughts on “Virtual Trunk Show #9: Christmas 2012

  1. The cardinals are my VERY favorite. Five of us quilting ladies, who call ourselves – THE LADIES – did a round robin. We all chose a special theme, completed a journal and presented each other with our special block at monthly meetings in our homes. I chose a cardinal theme and the quilt is beautiful. It is pieced together and I can’t wait to put it on the long arm. I will proudly hang in my entryway. I am always on the lookout for more cardinals and yours are so sweet looking. Thank you for the pattern and for always displaying such beautiful quilts and quilting information on your blog! Have a glorious holiday. Paula Coleman/Topeka, KS

  2. So beautiful! I love the cardinals best. They are the state bird of Virginia, no? There was a little old man who lived in our twon when we were young, and he nicknamed my sister Redbird. I was Ginny Wren. If he liked you, he gave you a bird name. His stepgranddaughter was Blue Jay. What does that say???



  3. Ladies, I saw these quilts in person over the weekend & the pictures don’t do them justice! Wendy’s work is incredible, she’s such an inspiration to me. Thanks Wendy!

  4. I love theGreetings cards quilt. I can see how its done. I am going try and work out the design. Those narrow light coloured strips have got me foxed though!!!!

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