What do you collect for Christmas?


[image source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk]

No, no…. that’s not a picture from my house!  I can tell you one thing though… seeing that picture makes me feel a WHOLE lot better about my dish-aholism because I don’t have near as many pieces in my dish collection.  But I do love that heartwarming picture of the snowmen collection. Click here to read the full story on the snowmen. The uniformity in that snowmen theme appeals to me, as you can see from a Christmas tree I did in pre-Miss Baby era.


When we relocated across the country a couple of years ago, I gave away 95% of my ornaments.  So, I am in the start-from-the-scratch phase in the ornament department.  Let me just say my eyes have been opened in the recent weeks when I was researching on heirloom ornaments I want to start adding to my Christmas collection to pass down to precious Miss Baby!  I am actually also making ornaments to add to the heirloom stash.  I hope to have pictures for you soon.

But all that to say… I am REALLY curious what you collect for Christmas!  Please, please tell!

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a lovely weekend.  I will chat with you again next week.



35 thoughts on “What do you collect for Christmas?

  1. Well, we collect ornaments (you’ve got to get something when you travel – and ornaments fit the bill!) and it also seems we collect Byers Choice carolers – we must have about 25 now. I think I’m done! o:)

  2. Well in the 70’s I collected Humel ornaments and over the years sad to say the crumbled from the inside.. I also have things that my kids made in school when they were in kindergarten LOL they still need to see those on the tree, we have American Centenial ornaments from when we lived in the USA, we did however got rid of a toilet tissue holder Santa that my 32 yr old made in kindergarten the eyes fell off years ago and when we pulled it out of the box this year I said really Veronica you need to throw this away LOL. She finally did but with a very sad face. So you see our tree is a memory tree for the family never has been a show piece.. But we love it. Hugs and thanks for asking I always enjoy reading everyon’s comments. Bunny

  3. I collect snowmen and angels and my husband collects Santas. Our tree is a memory tree as well. Most ornaments have a story behind them and I think of that story when I hang the ornament on the tree. Some make me smile and some make me cry. :-)

  4. I do not really collect anything for myself, though I am adding snowmen every year. Most of them are my handmade wool or quilted items. I guess I do collect snowmen. When my almost 20 year old daughter was born I started collecting an ornament or two a year for her. Cute ornaments, ornaments commemorating vacations etc. I think she is very pleased with them. I bought this years early though I have not found it yet. : O I may be out buying another one soon, even though she is not here to see it because she overseas for a year.

  5. Each year my husband’s parents give us a dated ornament (usually Avon), so when we got married ages ago we were able to decorate our tree without a lot of expense and a lot of memories. We have continued this tradition with our kids and grandkids with Hallmark dated ornaments. We don’t usually have only one style, it’s whatever catches our eye and will be a reminder of our Christmas celebration.

  6. For years I had dreamed of having a super large Christmas tree fully decorated with beach and nautical theme ornaments. I had just about bought enough to decorate a tree with such a theme, when we moved and concluded no way could our living room handle a big tree. That year we also had major fires in So. Cal. where thousands lost their home. Come Christmas time there was a drive to get some of these families holiday decorations, so I bundled up and gave all away my collection. Guess it was meant to me as I have always hoped someone else is enjoying them now.


  7. I really like gingerbread things. Any cute things that look like gingerbread men and houses etc. And if I have time I make gingerbread houses,giant trees, and lots of gingerbread men for the tree. The house smells unbelievable

  8. I collected Elves from a Company Called Zimms. but they no longer make them. Just as well I have too many! If any one is interested you can still see them at TheElvesThemselves.com.

  9. I collect fairy ornaments or any handmade. Love the look of an eclectic old fashion tree.
    QuiltinGram (previously..CathyC in Alberta)

  10. Well I like mice–not real ones. I was a hair dresser so every year at Xmas I would be gifted with lots of mice ornaments for my tree–very cute ones. I love them all. Every year when I take them out to hang on my tree they remind me of all my friends. I was thinking maybe I should put a CAT on top instead of a star. diane from lockport

  11. About 30 years ago I started collecting German nutcrackers. I limited myself 1 one a year and they specifically had to be German, no make in China. The last few years I haven’t bought any because I have run out of room to display them.

  12. Well I’m a dish collector and I really don’t have any Christmas collections although I’ve added a couple nativities the last couple years…

  13. I have mini collections of several different vintage things but for Christmas I collect the house and the flower fairy from Hallmark.

  14. I asked my husband for a Lladro angel one year, and for the next 6 or 7 years I got a Lladro angel! I finally had to tell him I ran out of room to display them! I collected Beyer carolers for many years, also Dept. 56 snowbabies and Dept 56 Snow Village, Dickens Village and North Pole Village for my grandchildren. I also LOVE Christmas dishes and have 4 different collections. WOW……that was cathartic. Hello…..my name is Diane and I am addicted to Christmas. Forgot about the olive wood nativity that I bought in Bethlem and the Jim Shore nativity and the one my friend gave me from Nicarauga! I have to rotate years! I just this year started a glitter house collection (Putz houses).

  15. I echo “carolld”….I could not believe my eyes when I saw that pic!!! Didn’t think you had moved from blue/white dishes to….snowmen! Your tree photo is beautiful! Angels would be my ‘collected’ item(s) (fabric doesn’t count…right?). Blessings of the Season to you!

  16. I started with Santas then moved to snowmen. I decorate with the santas in Dec and the snowmen in Jan. Have begun weeding them out and not buying as many as before:)

  17. Wow that’s a lot of snowmen, lol. I love your pic of your tree. I used to collect snowmen – but the older I get, the less I collect period, and I’ve given a lot away!

  18. I collected David Fryckman pieces for several years, but they became hard to find. This year, with the new house, I don’t have a mantel to display them, so brought out my nutcrackers again. We also have many years worth of dated Hallmark ornaments, and I have a pretty decent collection of Christopher Radko ornaments – I love the sparkly things! I try to add a Swarovksi crystal ornament each year. Our tree has many well-loved family treasures, filled out by red & gold ornaments, poinsettias, and lots of sparkles! I love having the house decorated for the holidays…would leave mine up much longer, but my family already thinks I’m crazy enough!

  19. I’ve collected a few sowmen but not near as many as the photo! I really love my collection of Dept56 Snow Village. I have about seven or eight houses, along with the village stores and churches. Setting up the village would take me nearly a week. My dh had built me a huge table that we set up in our very large living room but since moving I’ve not been able to set up the village like I used to and I really miss that.
    Had a little boy who lived next door to us, and every evening about 5pm he would knock on my front door and want to turn on the lights of the village. I miss Matthew so much! Now he is a older teenager, I wonder if he remembers how much fun we had turning on the lights!

  20. I collect gingerbread men who I call my “gingies”. They have invade our home at Christmas! You will find them on the tree, the mantel, the TV stand, the living room, dining room and kitchen. This story will make you laugh – before we were both remarried, my husband would stop by my house at lunch while I was at work. I love to cook, have entered recipe contests and catered. Well, he called me one day and said honey usually I love your cooking, but what in the heck did you do to these cookies?! I said what cookies? (I had not baked for Christmas yet.) He said the cookies in the bowl on the dining room table. I laughed so hard. Those were non-edible gingerbread men ornaments my kids made which I faithfully set out every Christmas. Not to my husband…..he tried to eat one, bit off the leg and spit it in the trash. We laughed and laughed and to this day we still laugh. I hang my one legged “gingie” on the tree every year and we have the best laughs.

  21. I don’t really have an ongoing collection for Christmas, and have never felt inspired to start one — until I saw the Krinkles line from Patience Brewster. I just love the whimsy of each ornament or figurine; they remind me of my favorite children’s book illustrations. However, they are also expensive — I have plenty of Christmas decorations already, and the gift list gets longer every year. So I enjoy the Krinkles nativity and Twelve Days of Christmas ornaments from afar — and the REINDEER!! — and save my money for gift-giving.

  22. Hello – I collect Fontanini figures for my nativity, The Beauty of Birds ornament by Hallmark, Lynn’s Kin animal ornaments. It took me 28 years, but I found one of the three pairs I was missing on ebay. What a thrill when Elmer and Ellie Elephant arrived this week! :)

  23. In terms of ornaments, I collect all sorts of things. But some of my favorite things I collect are sheep. I love them. I like a tree that’s got everything on it. I had an angel tree. I have had a musical tree. But in truth, I like the fun ornaments of childhood, everything from sock monkeys to little porcupines. It’s all on there. ;-) In terms of keepsakes, I give my goddaughter sterling Christmas crosses each year from Reed and Barton. I have done that since she was born, and she informed her mother the other day that all of the crosses on their tree are hers. LOL.



  24. Well, our tree is a family tree and ornaments going back to when my parents were kids. Unfortunately they became so brittle that we have very few left. I bought a small porcelian doll for my daughter every year when she was growing up. So, now her Angel tree topper holds my mothers favorite glass bird ornament in her arms. It brings back so many memories of my mom and my daughter growing up.

  25. I have collected the Precious Moments village from Bradford Exchange. They have just sent me an advertisement for about five I don’t have. Now with money so tight, I am not sure what to do — I want some more very much.

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