White or “rainbow” lights?

Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope you are doing well.  I have mentioned to some of you Miss Baby has been harboring high expectations for Christmas this year — ever since she flipped through the various Martha Stewart and Southern Living Christmas books I have!!!  So, we have been doing something Christmasy every day since the first day of December!  We decorated Miss Baby’s Lego station with a Gingerbread man garland today (bought at Target’s dollar section — that is my favorite section in the entire Target store).


Miss Baby was very adamant about having “rainbow” lights.  I would have infinitely preferred “white” lights, and tried my hardest to convince Miss Baby that we need the “white” lights, but nope… guess who won that round?!  The following picture tells all…


Lightheartedness aside, I do hope you have had a blessed start to the Christmas month.  But I am curious though, do you do white or rainbow lights for your Christmas tree? :)

40 thoughts on “White or “rainbow” lights?

  1. Lol I have the answer for you. We bought a new tree this year at Costco, yes an artifical one BUT ther is a button on the light wire that press once you get ,white lights press it again and you get rainbow lights. My DH is for rainbow lights and ,I love the white lights. So whoever turns the tree on gets what they want.. Guess who gets there first. May you and your family have a blessed Christmas. Hugs Bunny

  2. When I was little, we had rainbow lights. When I got big enough to have my own tree, I had white lights. My father preferred the white ones, and they had just come out about he time he died. He said it reminded him of his mother’s tree when he was a boy. She would light real candles and have the servants stand around with buckets of water in case of fire. They could only leave it lit for a little while.

    I have BIG NEWS. Something that you are going to love. I put it on my blog. Be sure to check it out. You were the first person I came to after I posted because you are going to just LOVE THIS. LOL



  3. We always do the rainbow lights:) All the ornaments are handmade or look that way:) Have been wanting to do a Snoopy tree since I have been collecting Hallmark Snoopy ornaments for years…I mean a lot of years! but haven’t in all these years and not this year as we are headed to FL for the Holidays:) yea!!!

  4. When we were small there were only rainbow lights. When my children were small and we lived in a historic house back east, white lights were the only way to go for the tree in the formal living room, along with the single candle in every window (and there were many in that big old house). But, I think the kids always favored the small tree right off the kitchen with its rainbow lights. Now I live in a much smaller, 20 year old house, and my husband insists on rainbow lights for the tree, but I get white lights for the mantelpiece and the dining room!

  5. I have a pre-lit tree I got from someone that has rainbow lights. I have always loved white lights, so each year when I put it up, I add white lights. Some nights I will have just the white lights on, and some nights I have both sets on. It really does look nice both ways. I do prefer the rainbow AND white lights to just the rainbow lights

  6. I like the rainbow of lights, each twinkling individually. Tiny white lights framing our window with our palm tree lit up in color. Happy Holidays, Wendy, to you and your beautiful family.

  7. Only white! Last year our 20 old revoling tree stand finally stopped working just as I was starting to decorate the tree, was able to find a new one. I loved being able to decorate the full tree, of course it means more ornaments. No bad side to hide against the wall!

  8. I have 3 small trees one 4′, and 2 trees 3′ with white lights but the main 7′ tree has rainbow lights for the first time The 7′ tree is probably 20 years old and may be the last time it goes up. Have a very happy time decorating with Miss Baby.

  9. May favorite are the rainbow lights they add such great color and remind me of times long ago when all you could get were rainbow lights.

  10. I am also insistent on “rainbow” lights and all our homemade ornaments on the tree. My mother tries to convince me every year to do a “themed” tree, with all the same colored ornaments, or at least to use only white lights, but so far I’ve prevailed. I like it because it reminds me of the trees we decorated when I was little.

  11. Cute garland! I prefer white lights – but the only reason we use them is because they’re already on the tree, lol. My boys would probably prefer rainbow!

  12. Definitely white but we don’t have little ones around. Colored lights are a lot more fun for little ones. For us at this time it’s white and no blinking lights! I hear that in Europe it’s all white lights…

  13. We spent our honeymoon in Ashville, NC, home of the Biltmore Estate and saw that the whole town decorates in only white lights. It was breath taking, so it’s only be white for us.

  14. We do both! Our tree has pre-installed white lights, but I like a little color too – takes me back to my childhood :*) And because I always had colored lights on our tree when my kids were small, my son insists on colored lights on his tree & it drives his wife nuts!!!

  15. I have the same debate with myself each year. I wish they made colored lights that had white in them as well. That would resolve the fact that a white tree is brightest and shiniest, but a bit monotonous, whereas the multicolored tree reflects the least light, but has great colors. :)

  16. I have 1 large tree and two smaller ones with white lights and then a smaller tree for my dogs decorated with all bichons on it and colored lights. I like both but the colored reminds me of when I was growing up, they have more of a cozy feel to them.Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  17. Wow, Miss Baby is starting early! That is just too cute that she wanted her Lego station decorated.

    We used the multicolored or “rainbow” lights, too. They just seem more homey to me, though I’ve seen tress decorated with white lights that I like, too.

  18. Rainbow lights are whimsical and that is what I have always used. However, white lights do make the decorations more beautiful!

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  20. I went through a white-light period in my younger married years – I think I thought it was sophisticated. Now that I’m older I could care less about that and have gone back to rainbow lights – they are so warm and magical!

  21. Definitely rainbow lights. But, this year we downsized to a 5′ tree & it came with white lights. Now that it’s all decorated with dark red & white balls, it’s very pretty!

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  23. I am a lady who loves old fashioned “rainbow” lights, no themes at our house–a simple “live” tree as large as the chosen space will allow. We’ve beat up ornaments & string of lights that were in a house fire (lightening strike) & they are all on our trees because, after all, they are memories, & the charred ones are so dear to us–they are survivors, me too–cancer. When visitors come to see our trees, yes lots come to see our adorned trees laden with ornaments from babyhood, from great, great grandparents, great & grandparents, parents, relatives & many, many friends. We’ve ornaments from veterans who are no longer with us but they are once more “living” when we put them on the branches & talk at length of them, we laugh, cry, then laugh again.
    Our trees speak volumes; of sacrifice, tragedy, happiness, blessings, hope, & of course love.
    And, white lights for our trees could not do justice to all the ornaments–that is why we have choices of the different colours isn’t it?
    Everyone, do enjoy your chosen strings of lights & your blessings.

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