Quilting = Versatility!

Happy Monday, dear Friends!  I hope my American friends had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.  We enjoyed our Thanksgiving with friends this year.  Miss Baby was responsible for the place cards on our table.


Laurette Koserowski, editor of The Quilter Magazine, made the following observation regarding my Greeting Cards quilt:

“Wendy Sheppard’s Greeting Cards topper can be turned into a whirligig quilt just be substituting spring florals and pastels.”

Interestingly, several of you left comments along the same thought on my post about Greeting Cards:

“Love the quilt. It is an inspiration for a collection of sports fabrics for three grandsons…”

“Wendy, this quilt is absolutely stunning!! I love the Christmas colors but could even imagine this in Fall colors.”

I love that quilting has versatility built into it, in that should a quilter can easily modify and improvise on a quilt pattern and come up with something totally over the top original, or a quilter can just follow the pattern exactly and replicate the quilt!

So, my question for you is if you were to make a quilt based on my Greeting Cards design, would you be #1, a replicator, or #2, a modifier and improviser? If you would be the latter, curious mind would love to hear your ideas, even if it is just a different fabric theme.  [Note:  you are welcome to be an armchair quilter even if you don’t quilt! ;o)]

I would love to hear of any stories you might have regarding versatility in quilting!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a lovely week ahead!

9 thoughts on “Quilting = Versatility!

  1. Miss Baby did a great job helping out. Those placecards are so cute.

    I like to think of tweaking as a form of improvising. And, I agree your beautiful Greeting Cards design would work with a variety of themes throughout the year, as well as scrappy too. But, I think it would also look great in patriotic fabrics too!


  2. P.S. I thought about you at Thanksgiving and wondered what pattern you would be using for your table. Oh, and I broke down and got some plates (just a few) in the pattern you and I preferred for the St. A. table two years ago… Mistletoe. I am giving the others to my BFF’s daughter because Nantucket is her pattern. So she is getting the four I used for display and didn’t use for us! It works out well for everyone. :-)

  3. Except for my very first quilt, I have never just followed a pattern — I have to make some kind of change to personalize it, because making something one-of-a-kind is part of what I enjoy most about quilting. So for this quilt, it might be fun to turn the large rectangles into flags, either all US flags, or a variety of flags. Or just feature other pretty large-scale fabrics to give my quilt a different feel — I have some beautiful larger scale Asian fabrics in my stash that might be pretty in this design. OR — what if the background fabric was the Christmasy print, and the other rectangles were white, ivory, red, and green solids, and you embroidered addresses, stamps, and postmarks on each one so they were all the Christmas card envelopes arriving in the mailbox? They could all be addressed to you, from your family and friends, OR they could be all addressed to Santa in children’s handwriting. You could scan Miss Baby’s penmanship into the Artista embroidery software for digitizing, or just use a built-in or True Type font that resembled handwriting. So many options — which is what makes your pattern so wonderfully versatile!

  4. I believe I would turn the blocks on point so they resemble an X, and then add some O’s. (For kisses, hugs) I would use children’s novelty fabrics and it would make a fun playroom or nap quilt. Cute pattern you designed!

  5. Upon first seeing that pattern, I first thought it would be an awesome QOV (Quilt of Valor). The guild I belong to makes and gives around 60 of these quilts a year (along with many for the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester,MN, and “I Spy” quilts & book for the peds cancer units in the 2 LaCrosse,WI, hospitals. Always on the look-out for exciting patterns!!! Yours never fail to please!!! Hugs, D

  6. Awww…what cute name tags. She did a great job on them too.

    I love the Christmas fabrics, but I might try it in colors that could be used for a longer period of time. Me….I’d probably do it in brights.

  7. I would be an improviser. Love the quilt but would try a flower approach, then I might try going from light to dark in each whirlygig and I might quilt lines that are cross hatching and then I might try small circles in the background.I like your pattern alot, and its a lovely quilt!

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