Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, dear Friends!  I am approaching this special day with the spirit of thankfulness!  I hope you will have a blessed and wonderful day!  Nosy me wants to know – turkey or ham, or both?

“When you have eaten and are full, then you shall bless the Lord your God for the good land which He has given you.”  Deuteronomy 8:10


22 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2012

  1. Dear Wendy, Happy thanks giving to you and I hope you and your family have a lovely time celebrating together during this holiday season. Of course in Adelaide, South Australia we do not celebrate your thanks giving. But we have our family celebrations at Christmas time where we get to celebrate our “Lords birth”.

    However I wanted to let you know getting your wonderful picture of your roast turkey reminded me of the many happier times when all my family and I were last together. Sadly, I have now lost both my parents and a brother through death and my remaining family members to disagreements from long time ago. I pray constantly that the good lord will open the door so that I can mend this factured life and be joined together again in love and peace.

    So thank you for sharing your quilts and the above mentioned picture with me because it gave me a reason smile and remember the happy times with my family.

  2. Turkey! Although, since we are going to my brother’s/SIL’s I’m really not sure, that seems to be the tradition in our family..anything would be fine with such a family gathering. This year it will be just “pieces and parts” of the family. As the young ones form their own families different directions are taken on these occasions. It gets a little more involved when distance/geography gets involved! One thing I do know……I/we are so totally blessed and taken care of by our Heavenly Father and that is the biggest “Thanks”! Many blessings and hugs to you and your family this day and always, D

  3. Definitely turkey! Have my whole family coming! Five kids, spouses, 11 plus grandchildren. Full house great fun! Blessing to you and yours.

  4. Turkey here! Happy Thanksgiving to you Wendy and all of your loyal blog-followers as well. May we all recognize and praise God for the many blessings he brings us daily! Love you you all.

  5. Turkey all the way. Can’t deviate from some side dishes my kids expect to eat, also. I can always throw in something new but it can’t replace the regulars!!
    A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Wendy!

  6. We’re going ham this year! Everyone loves the red beans and rice for the second meal and with the Alabama/ Auburn on Sat, we’ll be together for that too; so the red beans and rice will the meal on Sat. But I’ve fixed all the other traditional trimmings; cornbread dressing, sweet casserole, string bean casserole and cranberry congealed salad. And two pies, pumpkin and pecan.
    I tried something new to me this year, Agave Nectar Syrup. I tasted it and it’s alot like honey. We have two diabetics in the family and thought I would try it, had heard it doesn’t raise the blood sugar levels like regular sugar. Only problem I found(and most of the recipes I found warned of this) that the food would burn easily and to lower the temp by 25dgs and cook for a long time. I had to watch the pecan pie like a hawk! I used the nectar in the sweet potato casserole as well. Doesn’t mean the diabetics can eat more but their sugars won’t go as high!

  7. The neighbors all get together and have a big Thanksgiving Feast. We will have Turkey, Ham and Lasagna the rest of us will bring everything else. Starts at 2:00 appetizers, football, and 4:30 we eat. It is so nice when most of us have families in other states and are not able to get together. We do this July 4, and Christmas Eve. I do wish you and your family a wonderful time together this Thanksgiving Day. For me on instead of hitting Black Friday I will need to hit the Fitness Center for sure. Again Blessings this Thanksgiving Day.

  8. We had turkey for our Canadian Thanksgiving in October. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, my American Friends, and many of my family who live in the United States

  9. We had turkey — but my dad cooked it this year, and I managed to sneak upstairs to assemble another Dresden Plate while the bird was in the oven and everyone else was watching the Wesminster Dog Show! :-)

  10. Greetings Wendy,
    We always have turkey and polish sausage! My husband and family are of Polish descent. For Christmas Day it’s ??? and polish sausage. And for Easter we have ham and… you guessed it…polish sausage. I hope you had a wonderful turkey day.

    These 3 holidays are meant to be spent with family and/or friends, not in retail stores.
    with hugs, Debby (Wisconsin)

  11. Wendy . Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don’t get too stuffed now. I know it always happens to me even though every year I keep promising myself I will not. :-)

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