Greeting Cards in THE QUILTER (Holiday 2012)


Happy Friday, Friends!  I hope you have had a good week.  If you recall, I already have my Midwinter Night Pillow Project featured in the Holiday 2012 issue of The Quilter.  I am sharing with you today another project I did for that same issue — my Greeting Cards quilt.

[image source: The Quilter Magazine]

This design is an example of “one block wonder” quilts in that the overall layout of the quilt center is constructed with the same blocks, oriented differently.

This quilt design utilizes narrow strips to accentuate the print fabrics.  Some aren’t too fond of narrow strips – they really don’t handle any differently than regularly sized strips.  Just make sure the blade in your rotary cutter is nice and sharp, and you will be just fine.

Sherry McConnell (vice president of the Quilter’s Hall of Fame) was my piecing elf for this quilt.  I sent her the fabrics, and she miraculously sent back the quilt top all ready for me to quilt!

The fabrics I used are from Quilting Treasures’ Holiday Magic collection.  This collection has a total of 18 beautiful Christmas fabrics.  Click here to view the full range of fabrics.

Quilting motif is my allover Jester’s Hat motif, quilted with Aurifil Mako 50 Cotton thread over Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting.

Kits are available from Quakertown Quilts while supplies last.  1-888-464-7845.

Are you sending out physical Christmas cards this year?  I know that with the increasing electronic world we live in, some have relied on electronic cards.  I am just curious.

Have a lovely weekend!  I will see you again on Monday with a Thread Talk post!  Stay tuned.

20 thoughts on “Greeting Cards in THE QUILTER (Holiday 2012)

  1. I am making my own cards this year for the first time. I’ve set a goal to make at least 6 cards a week in between all my other projects and obligations. I love making them but spend way too much time doing so. I just saw this quilt pattern and am thinking about taking it on. Hmmm. Your post may be all the incentive I need.

  2. Chrismas Cards?? I have a box that I found in my Christmas boxes that are 5 years old. Never signed, never addressed, never mailed. BAD! I have found that we hardly receive any cards anymore (wonder why). No, really most of my friends have quit sending them as well. Probably one more year without cards, but I do wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

  3. What a beautiful quilt Wendy. It really does a great job showing off the fabric and allowing space for the eye to rest, as well as show off your amazing free-motion quilting. Wonderful design and quilt. Congratulations for having it published in this magazine. Very special.

    I do not send out as many Christmas Cards as I used to do, but I do try to send out a small batch every year. I certainly value physical cards over email, but am not as good about sending them as I would like to be. Yes, postage has increased, but there is still something special about getting a Christmas card.


  4. Love the quilt. It is an inspiration for a collection of sports fabrics for three grandsons……….hhmmmmm….

    Yes, I send Christmas cards each year. We have a Grandkids Christmas party/sleepover every year, for the last eight years. We’ve added a kid or two each year. There are nine children who range from 2 – 12 years. My husband and I gather up the kids, and we get a special picture with all of them for our card. We love to share our G’kids with everyone. Our friends look forward to the yearly update.

  5. Wendy, this quilt is absolutely stunning!! I love the Christmas colors but could even imagine this in Fall colors.

    Still send out Christmas cards, not as many as I used to. Still like to get them too!!

  6. I still send Christmas cards. Last year I made Christmas post cards and have purchased fabric for this year’s post cards. I also send some email letters, but have always sent to family members via the post office

  7. Yes, we do still send out physical Christmas cards as well as a yearly newsletter. I am going to be an old school holdout on that issue! :-)

    The quilt is lovely…as usual. :)

  8. I do a combination – send cards to close family and friends and e-mail cards to others that I want to keep in touch with. Your quilt is so beautiful, I love everything about it!

  9. That’s a fun Christmas quilt, Wendy. Yes, I do send out physical cards. I’m going out on a limb and being honest to say I really don’t appreciate electronic Christmas cards. I want to pull the card out of the mailbox!!

  10. Beautiful quilt!! Yes, I send out Christmas cards and like to get them in the mail. I don’t like electronic Christmas cards; I like to display my Christmas cards on the wall for the month. Very cheery and keeps me in touch with family and friends.

    • Cathy G — Just a thought for you with regards to your electronic Christmas cards you receive — print them out and put them on your wall with you other Christmas cards. Most electronic are very pretty with beautiful colours.

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  12. I am just getting into quilting after 35 years of being married and raising five children. I did make a quilt for each of my children; but then I was just too busy being a mom, a wife, and a volunteer. So my skills as a modifier and improviser are somewhat limited. But if I was to do a change, I would use some soft pastel fabrics such as pink, mauve, baby blue or sea foam green, etc.; perhaps with some lovely spring flowers such as daffodils. This perhaps wouldn’t be the kind of colours our children would like, but I feel us 60+ would love these soft, warm colours. I love the one you have done. I love the traditional colours you have done for Christmas.

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  17. I already made this quilt, Greeting Card quilt and I would like to make another one but I have all the pattern except I lost the part that gives the amount of fabrics. Is there any way I could get that? T It was in the magazine Quilting for Christmas 2012.Thanks!

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