Queen Elizabeth’s Wardrobe: Behind the Scenes!

Hi Friends,

I hope you are doing well.  I am completely overwhelmed by your sweet comments on my Learn to Machine Quilt giveaway post.  You ladies are simply awesome!

Today’s post is also a behind-the-scenes post, except this time, it’s about Queen Elizabeth’s wardrobe.  The Queen’s personal dresser Angela Kelly has written a book called “Dressing the Queen”, and in the book she reveals a bit of what goes on behind the scenes.  You can read about the fascinating tidbits here.  I hope the publisher releases a US edition of the book in due time.

[image source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2227799/A-peek-inside-ones-wardrobe-The-Queens-dresser-reveals-Her-Majs-style-secrets.html%5D

What really caught my attention was the sewing machine that is on the background of the following photo.  I think it’s quite safe to assume that that machine is royally employed to sew up the Queen’s dresses and gowns.  Some of you might even have that same machine — it’s a Bernina machine, I think an Artista 730 to be exact?  What do you Bernina girls think about that?  I thought that was pretty cool. :)

[image source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2227799/A-peek-inside-ones-wardrobe-The-Queens-dresser-reveals-Her-Majs-style-secrets.html%5D

Some of you know that I absolutely despise mending.  I joke with my husband that my machine does not have a mending function.  But I would gladly work as a mending maid in the Queen’s Sartorial Command Center, wouldn’t you? :)

Thanks for stopping by.  Come back tomorrow to see the feathery banner I made for a newly released book.  Till tomorrow then, take care!

18 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth’s Wardrobe: Behind the Scenes!

  1. Looks like a fascinnating book! I worked for several months in theater costume department while attending byu in utah 40+ years ago. I HATED picking out seams and re-doing things but that’s mostly what we did. On industrial machines no less. It was fantastic, though as the designer was unbelievably gifted and it was fun to see her drawings come to life as we sewed elizabethan costumes or whatever. Funny thing is that as a quilter who often times goofs up, i spend a lot of time picking out sewing and don’t mind it nearly as much!!!

  2. That would be an absolutely fascinating book to read! I hope we get it here — in fact, I think I’ll go to our bookstore and ask if they’re bringing it in.

  3. That looks like a fun read! I’d rather see a Viking back there though, lol. And no, I don’t do mending either…..yuck. I have a thousand dollar serger that I’ve never touched!

  4. I wonder what qualifications are for that job??? I’ve always wondered about the hats the Queen wears, always so well matched to the outfit she’s wearing. Was the material for the hat picked first then the dress fabric or the dress fabric first?

  5. Hi Wendy, did you notice the machine in the reflection on the mirror? I am not sure what that one is. I hate mending also. Looking forward to your next post of the feathery banner!

  6. That looks like an interesting book!

    I am ashamed to say that I didn’t get around to mending my children’s clothes often to the point that they grew out of them by the time I got to them.

  7. Hi Wendy! I wanted to comment in your previous post, but comments were closed. So here I am to say I think you’re a knock-out – make-up or no! I’m so happy and proud for you to have done the video thing and for sharing your quilting gift in such a productive way. Good for you!

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