Annie’s LEARN TO MACHINE QUILT with Wendy Sheppard

Happy Friday, Friends!  I was going go share with you a magazine feature quilt, but I am going to bump that for next week… because I have BIG and EXCITING news to share!  Annie’s is debuting my online Learn to Machine Quilt class!!  Click here to view the free preview clips.

This has been a massive effort contributed by different people at Annie’s over the course of many many months.  I know for a fact that they have worked hard on this.  Kudos and a huge THANK YOU to the staff at Annie’s in making the class happen!

In the class, I will be stitching along with students different motifs on a 24″ x 24″ wall hanging shown below.  These motifs are specially selected to help “baby” beginning machine quilters gain confidence in quilting their own quilts.  I have tried to keep the class layout simple — with no huge demands on notions or skills to start — just so that you can sort of jump right into this quilting adventure without too much trouble or prep work, and hopefully discover the joy in machine quilting.

You will be able to see the individual motifs better in the following close-up images.  I will tell you a secret – the images you see are actually the back of the quilt for a better contrast!  You can view more motifs close-up by clicking here.

Here are a few VERY cool features of the class:

1.  The class never expires once you purchase it.  You can view it anytime and anywhere you want as long as you have your computer with you, and as many times as you wish.

2.  It is divided into segments in case you need to just review a particular technique, again, as often as you desire.

3.  You will have an “ASK THE INSTRUCTOR” feature where you can ask me questions on the class content!  I shall be there to assist you to the best my ability to get over the humps!  [I think that’s the coolest feature myself as I love interacting with quilters, as some of you can attest, I hope!]

4.  There will be downloadable instructions and schematics exclusive to this class.  Let me just say some of the schematics done by the editing staff look quite awesome and make my engineering senses all tingly!

5.  This class is 100% online.  You will get everything pertinent to the class online.  So, no wait on shipping etc.  For my international friends, the class can be purchased from anywhere in the world!

I would be so honored if you would let me play a (small) part in your machine quilting journey and adventure by signing up for the class.  The main focus of this class is to help beginners to master the art of moving their quilt sandwiches through the different stitching motifs that can be used later for quilting their own quilts.  Now, this class might not be for you if you are beyond the rudimentary stage, but I hope you will tell all your friends about it if they are just starting out, or thinking about starting out in machine quilting… because I sure hope I will be asked to do a feather class for you feather fanatics out there in the near future!

Come back Monday for the behind-the-scenes and personal anecdotes of this rather new adventure in my quilting life!  I will also have a surprise for you!!!

p.s.  Annie’s also has a story on my quilting journey in their “Meet the Instructor” section.  Click here to read if you are interested.

23 thoughts on “Annie’s LEARN TO MACHINE QUILT with Wendy Sheppard

  1. I told you that you were going to be FAMOUS Congrats I am so happy for you and this sounds very interesting. You go girl….
    Hugs and lots of luck in all your ventures.

  2. Just got back from ‘Annie’s’…..I’m so happy for you and thankful that you are helping to take the “fear” out of quilting on a DSM!! I am sure you can imagine how many conversations I have had with ppl who think it canNOT be possible that one can quilt anything larger than a table runner/small wall hanging!! I am here to say (as you are) that one not only can but do it beautifully and with such a high level of satisfaction that it’s “addicting”!!!!! Your knowledge and sweet personality will make this endeavor a super hit and terrific reference for the home quilter for years to come…..praying for those who you will touch. Hugs, Doreen

  3. Wendy, thank you so much for being willing to take on this venture. I can’t believe this happening! I’ve been thinking about taking one of the classes from Craftsy but none of the teachers seemed to suit what I was looking for. Last week,I was trying to decide which to take! I’m still perfecting my FM but have surprised a few people that I was trying to teach myself. Something kept telling me, “hold on, these are not right for you”! I can’t think of anyone else I would rather learn from.

  4. Very, very cool! I like that it is available any time. I’ve toyed with the idea of trying machine quilting — at this point I probably couldn’t begin until next year. But I will definitely keep this in mind. I enjoyed reading your “bio” for the class as well.

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  6. Hello Wendy,

    I think: You will be a grat Instructor. I would like to see a feather quilting Kurs, wo I can learn all the different feathers I can do. From beginner to difficult feathers. And also I would like to do a quilting curs, where I can learn to quilt Panels. I often did not know how to quilt them. When i then see the different panels in the cours, an evrybody quilt it different I can think I will learn a lot. I hope you can understand my writing.

    Guilitta from germany

  7. Have so wanted to learn machine quilting but have always been intimidated by the thought of it. I have done only very simple machine quilting on charity quilts. I definitely want to take the above class but first would love to take an extremely simple machine quilting class before tackling it. So happy I stumbled on to your site through Pinterest! Have subscribed to your blog.

  8. I love reading your blog and seeing the beautiful quilting you do. I also would like to see your presentation of feathers in your teaching classes.

  9. hello I would like to know when I look at a design whether it is continuous or whether there are many starts and stops. This would be helpful in deciding whether to attempt the design or not. Sylvia

  10. would like to have classes on how to fill large spaces with motifs with continuous motion. It seems most classes tell how to do motifs, but then no one addresses how to keep going to fill spaces. sylvia

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