The River Nile!

Our little family took a much needed mini getaway one day last week.  It was good for me because I think I was starting to suffer a little from overworked fatigue.  It was a glorious autumn day, and we enjoyed just walking about.

We came upon this tiny little brook.

You can see how tiny it really is…

But to my overly imaginative little girl, it was a sight too much to take in.  She exclaimed, “Mom, it’s the River Nile!”  She proceeded to inform a couple of people nearby that it was indeed the mighty River Nile.  :)  Now I wonder if she was expecting to see baby Moses to floating down the river.  I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if she was.

Back to work…. I have been working with these new Thimbleberries fabrics by RJR Fabrics.  Click here to view the full range of fabrics.  If you like these fabrics, you will want to get them as soon as they are released.  Fabrics used in my last Thimbleberries quilt sold out WAY too quickly….

Thanks for checking in and sharing with me my precious yet funny Mom moment! :)   I hope to share with you another recently featured magazine Christmas quilt.  I am just needing a bit of time to take a few pictures of the quilt.

11 thoughts on “The River Nile!

  1. So glad you were able to get away. It is needed from time to time, isn’t it? Hopefully you could get some rest.
    Your little one’s comment is so precious. “Out of the mouths of babes”. And isn’t it nice to know she’s paying attention in Bible lessons :D

  2. Out of the mouths of babes!!! I always love hearing what comes from their mouths.

    Your little getaway sounds like it was something you all needed.

    Pretty fabrics. I am sure they will be beautiful in your creative hands.

  3. Does your daughter know you call her Miss Baby? It’s amazing how much she’s grown just in the little while I’ve been following your blog. She’s precious.

    Glad you had a little time to enjoy life.

    I love the fabrics. Can’t believe it’s Thimbleberries! I’m not a Thimbleberry fan, but these fabrics may convert me…lol:)

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