FRIENDLY WARNING: Just in case you are making…

my Warm Blessings quilt … there is a slight boo boo in the quilt assembly diagram in the magazine.  This is what you will see in the magazine.  See how the brown patches in the 9-patch block centers are all going in the same direction?

That’s not the case in my original design with which I made the quilt.  The difference is subtle, and probably won’t matter much.  But I felt like it is my responsibility to share the information with you in case you are wanting your quilt to look EXACTLY like mine.  I also feel the braided effect is a little more prominent with the brown patches oriented differently from block to block.

Please know that I am not mad at the editorial staff  of the magazine because I think they consistently do a good job.  Sometimes things happen.  The difference was indeed subtle.   Thus the friendly warning. ;)

I want to also take the opportunity to thank you for your super kind and sweet comments on the quilt.  Have a blessed rest of the day.


14 thoughts on “FRIENDLY WARNING: Just in case you are making…

  1. That is a subtle difference! I like it both ways! Their effect looks like a cable to this former knitter. lol! But thanks for the heads-up Wendy! I feel like I got a bargain now – 2 patterns for the price of one :)

  2. Subtle yes, BUT, with the change in orientation (back to your original pattern) there is definitely “movement” in the quilt. The mags rendition is, as you point out, just fine but my preference is definitely as you had intended it to be…….my humble opinion…hehe!

  3. It is so subtle, I had to look twice! but I like your original pattern. Thanks for pointing it out. I will mark in magazine.

  4. Yes, your original version is more to my liking. I’m picking up on a secondary design with the brown patches horizontally oriented on one row and then vertically on the next, it makes a subtle cross formation. A nice little unexpected “Blessing”! Leaving tomorrow for a 3 day quilt retreat on Lake Conroe, with my best friends!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

  5. I love “Warm Blessings”. I have purchased the fabric and I am ready to go. My question to you, is the 7″ the size of the finished or unfinished blocks? Thank you

  6. I am trying to get the fabrics together to make this for my friend. She absolutely loved the pattern and the fabrics. I am not having such good luck. I did find some dark sage leaves, but not the plaid print. Have you seen the dk sage leaves? If you did, does it have enough contrast to use?

  7. Hello, When I first saw your pattern I sent it to a friend and she fell in love with it and asked me to make it. I started to make it and I just finished the blocks. As I was putting the blocks together I found another error. The triangle units with the gold square is incorrect. It has the cde unit in the wrong relationship with the gold block and rust triangle. Thankfully it is only 4 units,. Oh my-in looking at this closer, I see that all of the figure 6 blocks are wrong too. Now I am a little bit more than miffed. I doubled the size of this quilt, so this amounts to a lot of fabric wasted. And the fabric wasn’t cheap fabric. This is more than a little error on their part. I am really upset. This will result in more than a subtle difference in the quilt. I doubt if they will do anything to make this better for me. Who do I need to contact about this? Thanks Pam

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