QEII Portrait by Ralph Heimans

A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, by London based Australian artist Ralph Heimans, was unveiled a couple of weeks ago.  The portrait is the only one painted in Her Majesty’s diamond jubilee year.  Click here to read more.  In my humble opinion, it is probably one of the best portraits of the Queen done in recent years.

[image source: http://www.ralphheimans.com]

I wouldn’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen an image of the portrait in its entirety.  The details are breathtakingly amazing!  Click here to view more of the portrait.  Remember to use the zoom-in gadgety capability, and see how Mr. Heiman managed to capture the expressions in the Queen’s eyes.   Oh, and the rendering of Cosmati Pavement in Westminsters Abbey — keep in mind it is painted, and not a photo!  And of course, that floor design just leaves the quilter in me all tingly!

[image source: http://www.ralphheimans.com]

Art, when executed right, is powerful!  Mr. Heimans’ portrait of the Queen is certainly that.

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Thanks for stopping by.  Come back tomorrow – I think I have another featured quilt to share with you!

13 thoughts on “QEII Portrait by Ralph Heimans

  1. I have actually seen this painting twice now while it is in Australia’s National Portrait Gallery in Canberra and it is amazing and so large and awe inspiring. The light shining down on the queen is amazing. I hope many of you get to see it in person.

  2. How timely, since I’m reading Elizabeth the Queen by Sally Smith for book club. She had a portrait almost every year from a young age, was supposed to help teach her discipline and patience. Thank you for this link.

  3. As soon as I saw the pictures of the Queen, I couldn’t help but wonder what she was thinking about. Have I done my duty? Have I done all I could? What will be the future for the House of Windsor?
    I love reading about the floor of the Abbey. Historical non-fiction always has interested me, would love to found out more about the artists(to me that is what these men who did the work would be called). Why did they use glass instead of the Italian way of using stone, Was the stone they were used to using not readily available in England so used what they could get?

  4. That’s an absolutely spectacular portrait of the Queen. And the detail in that floor design is really intriguing — hmm, wonder how many quilts that may inspire.

  5. What a beautiful portrait of Her Majesty. She is a remarkable lady who has weathered many storms in her life but throughout them all she has remained a woman of great dignity and substance. Thank you for sharing .

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