FREE PATTERN: A Scout is Patriotic

Happy Monday, Friends!  I am happy to share with you another free pattern I designed using Quilting Treasures’ A Scout is Patriotic fabrics.  Click here to view the full range of fabrics.

The quilt design features many stars for patriotism.  Click here for the free downloadable pattern instructions.

Quilting Treasures mentioned on their website, “Did you know 2012 marks the 100th Anniversary of the first Eagle Scout? This bold group will appeal to any Scout but it is also a tribute to our patriotism with the graphic red, white and blues to support anyone that serves our country!”  Wow, I hadn’t know that.

Do you know of a Scout (former or present) that would treasure a quilt made with these fabrics?

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week ahead.

11 thoughts on “FREE PATTERN: A Scout is Patriotic

  1. Super cute fabric and beautiful quilt design. I have a few friends that are active in scouts and I’ll definitely share this with them.

    I didn’t realize that 2012 is the Anniversary of the first Eagle Scout. Interesting.

    Will Little Baby become a Brownie/Girl Scout? Someday, I hope she has the opportunity if she is interested.


    • You know your mentioning about Miss Baby being in Girl Scout brings back memories …. I was in Cub Scout when I was in elementary school. The Cub Scouts in SE Asia admitted boys and girls at the same time. I was doing well adding the patches to my uniform, until it was time to earn the patch for riding a bike. I bailed as quickly as I could because I couldn’t ride a bike. I just refused to go back to the Cub Scout meetings… and till to,I still CAN’T ride a bicycle…

      Thanks for sharing the pattern with your Scout friends — I want these free patterns being used. ;)

  2. These are so neat! My family is big in to scouting. I have one nephew that is an Eagle Scout, another that is working on his, a brother who is a assistant scout leader, and a step brother who works for the Boy Scouts. If I show them this, I’ll end up making 4 of them! :)

  3. What a beautiful use of fabrics, Wendy. I love the pattern. I do know of someone who would appreciate the quilt, if you want to e-mail me privately.
    Donna V

  4. Brings back many great memories. When my son was in Cub Scouts my husband was his leader and my daughter and I went on camp outs and did everything with them. When he went into Boy Scouts, we bowed out and let my son and his dad spend all the time together. My son is an Eagle Scout, so I do love this quilt and may have to make him one. If I do I will incorporate some of his scouting pictures if I can find them.

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