Something fun: would you please add your title to this photo?

Hello Friends,  my day started out a bit rainy, but it warmed and brightened up nicely to a beautiful autumn day!  I was out doing a photo shoot of a project I just completed with my lovely “ever hovering” assistant (aka Miss Baby!).  I kept having to distract my assistant so that I didn’t keep capturing part of her here and there in the shots.  Here is one of the pictures…

Curious mind wants to know how you would title this photo… thanks for playing along.

p.s. I received a most exciting email earlier this afternoon from a quilt magazine on a feature.  Stay tuned for details.

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39 thoughts on “Something fun: would you please add your title to this photo?

    • Ellen,

      That is actually a photo I want to print and frame. I thought I would include the best title done with calligraphy when I get the photo framed. As for the shoes — they are new shoes that I just purchased, but are unfortunately too small for Miss Baby! :(


  1. I like Barbara’s title, but your mention of rain made me think of: Rainy Day Dreams…..

    Really cute photo. Sorry those lovely shoes don’t fit Miss Baby’s feet, but they are sweet shoes that add a lot of interest to your photo. Very sweet quilt!


  2. “Remember when…….” I have a pair of baby shoes that both my boys wore (that were my mom’s!), with shoe laces tied together, hanging off the baby picture taken so many years ago (has it been 44 yrs already? Sob!). Memories are made of such! I am so glad to ‘hear’ that others are finally acknowledging what I already know……. you are one awesome lady!!!…..and quilter, too!!!! Hugs, D

  3. hmmmmmm……Strolling with the chicks…..Just walking with me and my shadow……….or my best one….I should have worn my shoes…yuck!

  4. When ever i see red shoes i always think of the Wizard of Oz. So” There is No Place like Home” is my pick.
    PS Love all of the responses. So interesting how one pic can evoke so many different ideas.

  5. “ruby shoes” or
    “little red mary janes”
    or just “my mary janes”
    I would have to see the whole project to get a better idea.
    have a good weekend!

  6. I like “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”

    Someone else said it, but it was the first thing to come to mind. That and “Barefoot in the Park.”

    Must have movies on the brain!



  7. “Slip into something comfortable”

    Albeit the comfy shoes, the rocking chair, or a quilt that must be close by that coincides with the pillow. Jane

  8. Dorothy’s red shoes come to mind as well, and coupled with the laundry motif on the pillow, the first title that popped into my mind was “Dorothy Does Laundry”. And then it hit me…LOL…might not go over in Paducha! S;-)

  9. The very first thing that popped into my mind was “Dog Days of Childhood”. I know I`m strange lol. Can`t wait to hear your news!

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