The Quilt Itself…

… and I saw it with my own eyes —  it’s the “Mary Simon Quilt” at the DAR Museum.  The following was the best picture I could come up with without the glass case reflecting my camera flash.  I am sorry you have to turn your head ever so slightly to fully let the beauty of this quilt soak in…

You can read more about the quilt and the making of the block patterns by the Baltimore Applique Society here.  The pattern is still available, and may be purchased from the DAR Museum here.  Of course I bought my own set of patterns.  Even though I am chomping at the bit to start on it, only the spirit is willing at this point.  I keep telling myself, there is a time for everything…. there is a time for everything…

So, I am curious to know what all are in your quilty bucket list.  I said “are” because I assumed you would have more than one item in that particular bucket list… ;)

Thanks for stopping by.  Come back tomorrow – I will be sharing with you a Christmas project.  Christmas??!!!!

27 thoughts on “The Quilt Itself…

  1. I do believe this quilt is in a book I have of the DAR quilts. I’ll have to get out the book to remember the name of the book! haha It’s so gorgeous.
    There are way too many things on my bucket list and I am sure most of them will never be accomplished. But it’s good to dream ;)

  2. Wonderful quilt. It almost makes one breathless just to look at the picture! So this is the project you will be working on for… say the next 10 years? Nice story; thank you for sharing. Also, thanks for the link to read more about Mary – that was really interesting.

  3. love that quilt! … but it’s just gorgeous eye candy to be admired; i wouldn’t have the nerve to start it. but i do have the book, baltimore garden and that’s on my bucket list. some more of my bucket list: cathedral windows; obw; whole cloth; greenwork [as in redwork]; star spin; any medalion quilt; big star block; a drunkard’s path; a snake in the grass; and more, but will do these first.

  4. I really admire the work it takes to create something this beautiful. I’m not a big applique person…but I certainly appreciate it! One of my “bee” projects for the coming months is a 1,000 pyramid quilt. A group of us have contributed and exchanged 1,000 different batik 36 degree triangles, so if you so choose, no two pieces will be alike. A great take-along project, which I’m sure I’ll be working on a good long time!

  5. no not on my to-do list. I’d love to own it, or one like it, but I know I won’t be making it. thanks for the picture it is gorgeous, even if tilted!

  6. What a fabulous quilt! My bucket is so full I couldn’t even consider adding one like that. My biggest longterm project is making two Dear Jane quilts. Two because I have two children, and this would be a quilt to fight over! I started when they were 4 and 8 and joked they could be wedding presents (but at the current rate, that may not be too far off.) I also have a 3/8 inch hexie quilt that is going to be a long time in the works. I would so love to do a Baltimore Album quilt, but it would have to be much less complex.

  7. All I can think of is the time it took her to do the fabulous –gorgeous quilt. That is really something to cherish. Right now I have had to put aside my quilt that I am working on called The Pumpkin Parade—So I can start and finish by Thanksgiving this scrapbook for our 3 yr. old grandson. I am only 3 yrs late but I promised our daughter that it will be completed in 2 months. I will start tomorrow-The Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. Blessings to you and your family for the weekend. Carol

  8. Well, on my bucket list is a trip to DAR and to Maryland Historical Society to see all the Baltimore Album Quilts. Nope, I’ll never make one, that would take nimble fingers! How about machine embroidered Baltimore style quilts?

  9. Wow what a stunning quilt, lots of work, I take it is needle turn?
    Mmmmm WAY too many things in my basket to list here, as I would run the risk of folks thinking this was MY blog!!

  10. What I love most about that quilt is the anticipation of how it is going to look when you get your talented little hands on it!!! It is indeed beautiful, but you will take it to a whole new level.

    I actually updated my bulletin board 2 days ago to list & prioritize my current projects – you don’t really want to know how many are there! I’m going to be a busy little girl for quite a while :*)

  11. Finishing my Candied Hexagon Quilt, ideally next year. Finishing my Nearly Insane Quilt (google it, like Dear Jane). A double Wedding Ring, a Winding Ways Quilt. Those are the four biggies…

  12. I have a friend that has completed a DAR quilt-it was incredible! I have to admit, id I even did just ONE of these blocks, it would probably end up the center of a medallion quilt ~

  13. I saw the Mary Simon quilt on a trip to DC and the DAR in 2009 but didn’t get a good photo, so I bought a pack of notecards knowing I would never complete a quilt like that.

    I recommend the DAR museum to anyone I know visiting DC – it is a quiet little treasure and not widely known about here in the UK.

  14. I am so impressed with quilts like that – what a masterpiece. I do have a pattern on my quilt bucket list that is a much simpler Baltimore album type of quilt. Even though it’s simpler it will still be a challenge for me to do it justice. I also have a couple of paper pieced patterns that I’ve had for a while now – so many projects and hopefully, enough time!

  15. Oh my goodness! That is quite gorgeous! You may get me in trouble there. I was tempted to push that purchase button. My mother just asked me why I always make the difficult quilts, and not the easy ones. Trust me. Mine are never that difficult. I am in the process of looking for some English paper piecing patterns. I really love the process of the hand stitching. I am working on one right now that requires appliqueing over 600 circles. It is the peace of the process that draws you. Not the cranking out of 500 quilts.

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