She claimed she made a quilt…

… and a scrappy quilt in an on-point setting at that!  Dear Friends, Miss Baby informed me she “made” a quilt on her electronic toy.

I saved a screen shot of “the quilt” so that I can translate her designed quilt into a real one.

I have got to fly as I have to work on my Sock Monkey quilt – come back tomorrow for a sneak peek.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed my “Kids and Quilts” post.


26 thoughts on “She claimed she made a quilt…

  1. Just like Mommy! How precious!
    I’m looking forward to that Sock Monkey quilt. Every day at Kindergarten, my daughter’s clever Kindergarten teacher hid a sock monkey somewhere in the room. The kids could hardly wait to find it, wink at the teacher and then go on to play with something else they found in the room. There were no tearful goodbyes to mothers at that Kindergarten door!

  2. That’s amazing! What kind of toy is that? My daughter would probably love playing with that! Now when she starts telling you how she wants it quilted….. we’ll all feel very inadequate!

  3. That is just too cute! I cant wait to see it all made up. I bet she will be so pleased with herself when she can actually hold it. There is so much she can learn from the process and one day we will be buying her designs :)

  4. OHHHH I can’t wait to see this Sock Monkey quilt! My girls all want me to make sock monkeys for them now that they have seen the one that I made and have proudly displayed in the corner of the dash in my truck lol. Miss Baby is well on her way to being Mom’s partner in business lol.

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