A Tale as Tall as a Tree in QUILTER’S WORLD (October 2012)

Hello Friends!  I hope you are doing well.  I am sharing with you today another recently featured quilt of mine that has been claimed by Miss Baby – my “A Tale as Tall as a Tree” quilt in Quilter’s World‘s October 2012.  She calls it her Safari quilt.  So far it has been used during naptime as a blanket, as well as a make-shift tent.  I feel like this is the “All Creatures Great and Small” quilt in our family.

[Image Source: Quilter’s World]

This quilt project is actually a “dressed up” panel quilt using pieced blocks to frame the focal panel from RJR Fabrics‘ Silly Suggestions for Kids collection.  This collection also has a more girly panel besides the animal panel.  The fabrics are current as of this posting.  You might find them at your local quilt shops, if not, definitely on-line.

For some reason, I am in love with these bow tie blocks, especially the tan ones.  That tan polka dot fabric doesn’t seem to be a common one.

The ease of constructing a panel quilt makes it highly highly conducive for practicing quilting.  I love making panel quilts because that means I can get to the quilting part quicker!  Quilting on this quilt was done using Aurifil‘s Mako 50 Cotton threads over Hobbs‘ Tuscany Silk batting.

And zooming in, you can see the little touches I added to the panel, giving personality to the animals and their surroundings.  See the differences between the before and after pictures.


After (trees, veins were quilted on leaves):

After (sky, swirls quilted with variegated thread to give the illusion of airflow):

After (hippo, circles were quilted on hippo’s body to give its skin a bit of texture):

After (lion, see the up-do he got on his mane?):

After (grass on the ground):

Quilting on the bow tie blocks:

Quilting on the panel border – you can see how I did it here:

Here is a parting shot of the quilt to wish you a lovely day!

Now curious mind wants to know…

1.  what you think about panel quilts, and if you make them;

2.  if you would be interested (ever) in a panel quilt quilt-along with me, with the emphasis on the quilting part.  I can’t promise anything, but I have been toying with the idea…

Alrightie, I have GOT to run.  I am not quite sure where my time has gone this week.  If all things go well, I will be doing my follow-up post on “So how would you quilt this?” tomorrow.  I am hopeful I would have a bit more time this weekend for me to visit you back.  Hugs to you all!

36 thoughts on “A Tale as Tall as a Tree in QUILTER’S WORLD (October 2012)

  1. I love your quilt! The details on the animals really make it for me. I have never tried a panel, but would be up for it. Thanks for sharing with us. As always, you inspire us.

  2. Hi Wendy: I would definitely like to see a quilt along w/panels. I have been using panels as practice pieces for several years and then donating them to kids charities. I also enjoy taking a panel apart and “rearranging” it. I recently did that with a half yard of victorian fans. I cut them apart and redid them with an alternate block (5″) sent on the diagonal. There are so many things you can do with panels. Love your quilt.

  3. Hi, as always a cute quilt with lots of ideas! I like the flowers on the bow-ties. I’ve used panels for my grandsons when they were small, good way to get used to free motion & BSR just by tracing around them.Have a great day, play with Miss Baby lots.

  4. Yes, I’ve used panels for grandbaby quilt centers, and have a couple more waiting to have borders added (love your bow-tie blocks) and quilted. My first-ever FMQ quilt was a vintage “cheater” panel, which I think may have also been the subject of my first-ever blog post. I do like panels, even with the challenges they present with not being printed squarely on the fabric – have you ever had one that was?

  5. What a sweet quilt! I enjoy panels and have made 2 quilts from them. Quilting of course is always the challenge. It was fun to see what you did with yours. I have a few panels in my stash waiting to become quilts, but heaven knows when I will get around to them :*)

  6. I’ve gotten a couple of this panel and was planning to donate them to our annual fundraiser. But I’ll be doing just a plain border. I love your version of the border and I’ll use that idea, with your permission, of course, for one of my quilts.

    Can hardly wait for your blog tomorrow!

  7. I think I would enjoy a panel quilt-along! Some quilters thought panels were the “poor kissing cousins” of quilting, its sad that some couldn’t see beyond just finishing the edge with binding and not anything else.

  8. I love all your quilting and instructions, so a quilt a long would be great. Panels are always great for beginners or those that want to practice, as you generally have not invested as much time/energy/materials as a pieced or appliquéd quilt top. thanks for all you share!

  9. What a really cute panel quilt Wendy. The print design and colors are beautiful. And, your FMQ really looks great with it too, as always. I can see why Miss Baby loves it and calls it her Safari Quilt. Just delightful.

    I do enjoy making panel quilts, especially when a panel catches my eye. They are also a great source for quilters to practice their FMQ. And, I’ve found them to be very popular at fundraisers, with great ROI for those that like to make quilts to help raise money for good causes. This one would definitely be a big hit at a fundraiser too!


  10. I have a panel quilt that I added a hourglass block border to, and need to get it layered and quilted. I’m planning on adding details to the panel, so your post came in handy! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration. LOVE your work.

  11. I have not picked up many panels but did so for a quilting demo I am doing the end of this month. It’ll be micro-stippling so won’t be doing a huge variety of different patterns. Love the way you had so much fun with all the different patterns, thread “painting”, etc. Would be interested in doing a panel as a QAL! Fun!! Hugs back at ya…D

  12. I have made 1 panel quilt because it was glow-in-the-dark and absolutely gorgeous. I would think that putting together a panel quilt would be a great way to practice quilting. I would definitely be for learning some quilting using a panel! I’d quilt along once I have a longarm ;)

  13. HI Wendy – I would absolutely be interested in a quilt along with a panel — matter of fact — My sister just bought these great panels from Suzybee… Growth Charts — they are awesome. I quilted the Lamb one for her already — and I’m making the Giraffe for my grandson Zachary and the Big Red Bird for us here at he cottage. Check them out — so cute and the giraffe has many different ways to quilt it !

    Thanks for your continued inspiration — Kay H sent me your way ! I’m sure glad she did.

    Take care.

  14. This quilt is so cute! I love making Panel quilts. They make adorable baby quilts or wall hanging. I love the fact that I can get a quilt top quickly ready for my free motion quilting practice.

    I would love to be part of a Quilt Along with Panel.

    • Just courious, did you use different colors of thread for the panel quilt or just one that blended?

      On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 7:22 AM, Ivory Spring wrote:

      > ** > malinisquilts commented: “This quilt is so cute! I love making Panel > quilts. They make adorable baby quilts or wall hanging. I love the fact > that I can get a quilt top quickly ready for my free motion quilting > practice. I would love to be part of a Quilt Along with Panel.” >

  15. The quilting really makes that quilt, Wendy, you’ve brought it to life! I don’t do panel quilts, although I did when I started quilting – I hand quilted them all.

  16. I love working with panels! I usually cut them apart and build them back together. I love what you’ve done with yours. The bow ties are great. It’s funny because I was just thinking “bow ties don’t do anything for me!” You’ve changed my mind! Your quilting is so creative. Of course I would love to participate in a quilt along panel class! Thanks for all your inspiration!

  17. I wasn’t terribly interested in using a panel to make a quilt … until I saw this lovely quilt you’ve done! And now, yes, I would be MOST interested in a panel quilt-a-long. I’m taking my first FMQ class this week and a project like this panel would probably be perfect for me to try various techniques and use my imagination.

  18. I love how you did your panel quilt. I just finished one and I love them. Wish I had thought to spice mine up as much as you did on yours! I do think they are great for learning FMQ because you dont have to worry about all the piecing and then working with that.

  19. I just got the magazine in the mail today. I love the quilting. I especially like the way you did the border, turning the circles into little flowers. I have done one panel wall hanging but as far as quilting goes, it was lackluster compared to what you have done here. Thanks for sharing. A quilt along would be interesting if you did not go too fast. I have not done too much FMQ.

  20. When I started quilting two years ago, I bought two Peter Rabbit panels for two Grandchildren but just sewed a grid on them. They love them and one is so well used it is wearing thin. I used these panels to teach myself how to layer a quilt, use a walking foot, square up and bind. I found it a great help back then and have collected more panels but went on to learning piecing blocks so the panels are still sitting there. Would love to do a quilt-a-long with you as I often ponder those panels but unsure what sort of pieced borders and quilting to use. Thank you for all the advice, inspiration, and encouragement to have a go, as I have now quilted a 44″ x 44″ quilt with feathers, FMQ cross-hatch and that curve quilting in star points and now FMQ two bed quilts with feathers etc and thoroughly enjoying it. Thank you, Wendy.

  21. 2. if you would be interested (ever) in a panel quilt quilt-along with me, with the emphasis on the quilting part. I can’t promise anything, but I have been toying with the idea…

    I have a question. Can evrybody do this own panelquiltd or do we have all the same? In germany is it difficult to get a special panel. I would like to do such a quiltalong, I have the one or other panel in my cupboard.

    Your panelquilt is a very good Inspiration for me. It is beautifull.

    Greeting Guilitta from Germany

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