Town Square: Final Sneak Peek

Hello Friends,  I had shown you a sneak peek of my latest completed quilt before it was quilted.

Now, the personality of the quilt has been added.  You will see in the following photo the same section after being quilted. [A side note:  The fabrics you see are from Riley Blake’s Avignon — get yourself some if you think you like them.  I have a feeling the fabrics won’t last long as they are absolutely gorgeous!]

If you have multiple sashings in your quilt, consider quilting feathers like I did.   The visual effect is a little different from what you would normally see.  Plus, once you master free-handing your feathers, no marking is involved in quilting these feathers – just the way I like it! :)

Meanwhile, I have been working with these fabrics these last couple of days.  These are from Benartex’s Googlies collection.  In case you missed my Googlies pattern offered for free by Benartex, click here to download the pattern.

Gotta run for now, Friends!  I hadn’t realized how taxi-ing my three year old around was going to be such a demand on my time.  I need to get back to some sewing before Miss Baby wakes up for the day.  Have a blessed day.

Curious mind wants to know what’s on your plate today.

13 thoughts on “Town Square: Final Sneak Peek

  1. Love the feather idea in the narrow borders. My plate is full today..more painting and cleaning and a doctor appointment. Maybe time in the sewing room? I hope so.

  2. Hi Wendy, I have been working on a Buzz Saw quilt. Using up some of the stash with a few new pieces added. I love how you did the feathers!

  3. I too love the feather idea for narrow borders – perfect! Trying to master my bsr and will practice on samples – love your thoughts!!!

  4. I love the quilting. It is so beautifully done. It was a good choice with a paisley feel to it. I have two projects I would like to finish up today if I can manage to get in my sewing room. One bargello I took a class on and one small, fall leaf wall-hanging for my daughter who is in China for her junior year of college..

  5. I love the character that the quilting adds to the design!

    I have a pretty ordinary day planned: see my m-i-l, go to the store, and we’ll see what I might have time to do after that.

  6. I just had to scroll back and forth between those two photos, the “before quilting” and “after quilting.” The transformation is magical! Do you have a tutorial anywhere showing how you do feathering like this in the border? I love it when you post a diagram with little arrows and numbers so I can trace the path with my finger, like you did with the Jester Hats. Hint, hint… :-)

    I’m looking forward to seeing your Town Square quilt in toto once you’re able to share the whole thing. The sneak peeks have been tantalizing!

  7. The quilting is perfect! One of my biggest probems is deciding what to quilt where. How do yuo decide? Oh and by the way…your sneak peeks drive me crazy…I want to see it all!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  8. Love your quilt and the quilting. I like the idea of no marking. I will quilt a curvy line for the spine in the border instead of marking it. My plate is really full today. Besides the general house stuff and errands, I am continuing a walking program I started on Tuesday. 2 years ago I lost 30 lbs, kept it off and am hoping to lose 30 more! I am sewing with my bee on charity quilts this morning, then I have a little time to get some of those errands done before I meet with a seller about his house, then I get to meet a friend’s horses! No riding today, one is recouping, but we will give treats and pats! After that my afternoon is open, maybe I’ll work on some quilting for a friend, then it’s dinner and evening routine. Sorry for such along post….

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