So how would you quilt this?

I thought we would do something fun today!  Looking at the image of the quilting area (~ 4.5″ x 5.5″ in real life) below, can you visualize how you would quilt it?  This is a snippet of my latest finished quilt.

Come back again this week and see how I quilted it.  I will also showed you a few options I had considered.

Let those wheels in your head turn! :)



21 thoughts on “So how would you quilt this?

  1. I would probably ‘extend’ the pattern in the centre, by quilting a trellis-type background, with the occasional paisley/feather swirl..again taken from the centre square :) Hope you have fun with whatever you decide on, and happy crafting, Jenny

  2. OMG was my first thought and then remembered it was Wendy asking the question and thought feathers for sure, now if it was me I’d just keep staring at it and hope that it quilted itself. I think following a paisley motif would be a good starting point. Can’t wait to see what you did do and what your other options were.

  3. I’d have no idea. :-) Like others, I’d think you’d probably use the paisley design in the quilting motif. But how much would enhance it and how much would be too much — I don’t know.

  4. I have more questions than answers! How do you decide how heavily to quilt it? I recently did an all-over feathers quilt using what I’ve learned from you, and I think the variegated thread and heavy quilting make it too stiff. How do you think that through, oh my favourite Guru of quilting, Wendy?
    I always look forward to seeing what you’re up to.

  5. Well, see, that’s exactly the struggle I always have! And being so limited in my abilities really doesn’t help! I’d want to do some kind of swirly or paisley, but seeing as I can’t do that…I’d have to stick with straight lines & just wish that you were closer. I can’t wait to see what YOU did!

  6. A pretty scalloped paisley (fat ends to the corners), with little scallops around the center square and cross-hatch the rest of the background. Can’t wait to see what your creative mind came up with!

  7. I’d divide & conquer. Either the tiling we saw in Sewcalgal’s FM challenge w/little circular fillers in each tile. The other way I’d do is to partition off fake borders w/fillers in each border.

  8. Paisleys & finish the flower, add others and echo quilt. Depending on intent of finish would determine how closely it would be quilted (stiffness issue a consideration)… these dilemmas! Hugs, D

  9. What a fun question Wendy. Of course, I look forward to seeing what you would do with it, as well as what others might share. I love this design in that how it provides space to really show off FMQ, thus I’m inclined to think that a beautiful FMQ feather might look great, but it seems to be space that would look great with many designs.


  10. I’m a participant in the 2012 FMQ Challenge. You asked how I would quilt it if this were mine. I would reproduce the flower that is partially shown in the center, but in a slightly smaller scale, and have a vine or “stem” with whimsical feathers that mimic the shape of the paisleys. In the background, I would perhaps do a lattice of sorts that would have very gentle curves and fill in the spaces between the lattices with pebbles to give them dimension.

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