Help is on the way…

….  at least it seems that way! :)  I shall just let the photo below do the explaining.

Miss Baby has been “helping” me pin-baste my quilts.  If you have known me for a certain length of time, you know that quilt basting is my least favorite thing to do in the entire quilting process.  I was more than thrilled when my three year old gallantly offered her help… except…

well, the way she works those pins isn’t quite how I usually do it, hahaha!  So, help might be on the way.  In reality it means more work for Mom.  But then Mom gladly puts up with the  extra work because that’s what Moms do, right?  Please tell me you empathize. :)

Have a great weekend, dear Friends!  I want to thank you  again for being my buddies and cheering me on in my mothering and quilting journey!  I will chat with you again Monday.


31 thoughts on “Help is on the way…

  1. I definitely see promise in that young quilter!!!!! I will make bets that she will not be placing pins that close together when she is doing her own quilting! It is amazing what a caring mommy will do to encourage a young quilter. ;-}

  2. You are so good. Yes I have found that even though it is more work for us as moms, building self confidence in our children is so important. It will carry them though a lot of things in their lives. Good job mom.

  3. Yes, I do empathize. :-) Sometimes it is much more work for Mom when little ones “help,” but it is such a good learning experience and encouragement for them. I imagine some day she will be doing it expertly.

  4. As you “smile” truly remember that one day you will miss all of this help.
    You are truly in my thoughts as now I can sit back and not only smile but laugh out loud. These are your best memories. Grin and bear it because one day you will hear her voice asking “How did you put up with it, Mom”. Just true love.

  5. Too cute! Love her ‘style’! It is a good thing to encourage her willingness to help. The longer you can reenforce this good behavior the better too. Eventually they won’t want to help anymore and than it’s like pulling teeth, but eventually the good attitudes come back for life…good work ethics, good people skills, good empathy skills, the list just goes on! What we invest today lasts a lifetime! Good work mommy!

  6. Oh yes…that’s what moms do and it doesn’t ever stop, even when they are adults! Enjoy. When I read the title it made me think of a childhood cartoon I use to watch where the theme song went “Here I come to save the day, that means that mighty mouse is on the way” or something like that…

  7. That’s what moms and grandmas do, it’s those small things that children remember doing with their mothers and grandmothers. I just finished a machine cover for my embroidery machine. I think its probably some of my best work so far but working on it brought back so many memories that I hadn’t thought of in years, about my two grandmothers. One had a treadle Singer machine, the other one had one of the first electric Singer machines.
    It’s amazing what small things from childhood, nearly sixty yrs later can still have impact on us. Chris

  8. Of course I emphathize. My daughter loved to clean with Windex and paper towels at this age. I learned to keep an old Windex bottle filled with clear water and paper towels handy for this task. She especially enjoyed cleaning glass table tops. I did have to come back at nap time for the final finish and was very happy to do so. Mom hugs to you, Wendy.

  9. Well, she’s trying to help..will eventually learn the technic! She’ll be making her won quilts before long and you’ll be wishing she was still this age!
    My 3yr old grandson sits on my knee while I sew. If I’m using flathead pins..he is in charge of putting them back in the pincushion as I slide them to the side. So cute.

  10. And then you get to be Grandma. Your baby girl looks just like my granddaughter. I sent your last post about her (the one with the shirt inside out– I’ve had that very same conversation) to Beatriz’ mom, who thought it was Bebe. I had her “sewing” on my handcrank with no needle, just “sewing” the fabric through, when she was three. Now she is six and
    her favorite game is “fabric shop.” We take turns being cashier and buying pieces of my stash fabric from each other. The fun never stops!

  11. Yep, she’s hooked! You’re are such a great mom, allowing her to do what she can now and letting her think that she’s really helping you. Before you know it, she’ll be right there beside you, helping you for real :*) What a precious thing it is to teach a daughter how to sew. I will always remember my grandmother teaching me with a special fondness that nothing can ever touch or dim.

  12. My children always managed “to help” in unusual ways that were often corrected when they lost interest and left the room. Miss Baby’s hair looks so shiny and healthy. I love her pale pink nail polish. With the bow and nail polish, she is definitely all girl.

  13. It is nice to let her get involved… Not always fun for Mom but she is learning all the time.. As long as she does not bleed on the quilt LOL. My 32 year old daughter says she hates fabric stores cause we went ,to many of them lol. But she love the things I make. Have fun. Bunny

  14. So cute! I remember a song by Marlo Thomas “somtimes help is the kind of help, we can all do w/o”! But that is so sweet that she is trying to help. proabably so that you will do something else w her.

  15. Wendy…this is just one of those sweet memories that you will remember forever. and I bet little one will remember it, too. And it is a very important moment in her timeline…”mommy let me help her!” I am so hoping that one of my 5 grandchildren will want to sew as I am very ready to start teaching. There will be a couple fabric pieces that would be off-limits, but everything else is ready for the moment. Michele’s coment about her little one playing “fabric shop” is just too cute! My grandsons play “Gander Mountain” the same way.
    have a blessed weekend!
    donna j from Kansas

  16. Precious! You are a great mamma to let her help. Once she learns how to really pin, then I think she will be a big help. But if you discouraged her, I don’t think she would want to help when she does it the “grownup” way. So, keep up the good work!

  17. Well . . . . .she’s got to start somewhere, someday she’ll be a wonderful quilter too! She’s is blessed to have such a loving patient mom.

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