Town Square: Sneak Peek

Good day, Friends!  Miss Baby’s started asking last week, “Mom, are you making another quilt?” when she saw all the new quilts I was cranking out.  Answer is, yes — Mom here is making yet another quilt.   For Miss Baby, that means more fabrics to play with while Mom is busy sewing/quilting away!  Here is a sneak peek of my “Town Square” quilt.  I just love clean lines and straight seams — don’t you?

I am totally changing subject here.   So I have been walking around feeling a bit self-conscious about my “airline carry-on” purse since many of you commented that you don’t carry large purses in this post.  I caught myself gawking at other women’s purses, and mentally tallying the number of large purses versus the number of smaller purses while I was at the store.  I did tell you I was self-conscious about how large my purse is…. until I read the reasoning Mrs. Margaret Thatcher gave for her large handbag — “A woman’s handbag is her house” (italics mine).  Thank you, Mrs. Thatcher!  I now feel comforted, and infinitely better about trotting across town with my house purse in tow (I am of course saying that in a tongue-in-cheeky sort of way)!  Click here for this fun read more about what Mrs. Thatcher and the Queen Mother carried in their purses.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have enjoyed my Town Square sneak peek, as well as the fun bit on “handbag vanity”.  :)  Have a great day!

p.s.  I also carry Miss Baby’s supplies bag in addition to my large purse.  A “beast of burden” comes to mind…


16 thoughts on “Town Square: Sneak Peek

  1. I now carry my leather bag in another bag (stronger handmade with mesh and beautiful buddleia fabric. If I want to buy anything bags plastic have to be bought. prefer taking out leather bag to put purchases in – looks so pretty.
    Reducing the number of plastic bags is the reason – but the “strong” ones that are bought canlast a 1000 years in landfill and I can assure they don’t last carrying goods…..So yay for large purses/bags

  2. I have many large handbags, but since my rotator cuff surgery it is difficult to carry them so now I love the cross body bags. I just recently bought a leather Sak that has a seperate zippered pouch for my IPad when traveling. If I am not traveling I can use that pouch for small purchases LOL. The stores here do not give you plastic bags anymore for groceries so there is always an abundance of cloth bags in the back of the car.

  3. my kids loved to play w the scraps, and often the quilt squares as i was sewing them. Back before i started to strip piece. One of my fav quilts (and thiers too) was actually design chnaged by the youngest, and then the oldest gave me fabric color assitance. the middle one helped too w the type of quilting designs. I used several and hand quilted it. Too bad it is now thread bare and falling apart, bc they all want it.

  4. I loved the story about the Queen Mother and Mrs. Thatcher’s handbags. However, I’m afraid I’m a fan of small handbags. Enough room to carry my wallet, which would qualify as a handbag in itself, and a few skinny items suffice.

  5. I think my purses are pretty medium-sized. I do carry a lot in there, so I can’t get away with the teeny ones like my d-i-l likes to carry. But I used to watch the show “What Not to Wear” and they often paired really big ones with the outfits they coordinated.

  6. hahaha, this post reminded me why I love to go places with my cousin, Bernie. She has the most amazing purse! It seems like no matter what you need SHE has it in her purse! lol!

  7. I do like the clean lines and this looks like it will be a good example of them.

    How anyone can get away with a small purse is beyond me. I have tried repeatedly to downsize and I just cannot do it. But…….I always have what anyone wants or needs. ;-}

  8. Funny! Margaret Thatcher was definitely one of a kind!!!

    When my kids were smaller, I had to carry a larger handbag. But I’m a really small person and the bags tended to carry me more times than not :*) I really should still carry one, but I just simply refuse to do it! I do however, keep a large bag packed with a lot of essentials so that if I am out for the day, that bag stays in the car and I just carry in my small handbag as I go about whatever business I’m up to that day :*)

  9. Love your peek Wendy! Although I’m not fond of straight lines, as they never behave for me. *G* I carry a small purse now, but when the boys were small, I used a diaper bag for a purse, lol. It was HUGE.

  10. :) No woman’s purse is too big! :) No matter how big our purses are, there’s still always SOMETHING that cant fit in it, and we wished we’ve a larger one!

  11. Hi Wendy: I am so trying to do “Jester’s Hat”. I am not a new FMQ but just cannot seem to get how to connect after you have done 2 “hats.” I am still in the drawing on paper and quilting on a practice piece stage. . I would send a picture of my efforts but am not that “computer savy”. I read Thread Talk #34 but this does not seem to cover my problem. Can you offer any further suggestions or should I just keep trying until it finally clicks? Thank you, Jackie Hubert

    On Thu, Sep 6, 2012 at 12:33 AM, Ivory Spring

  12. At e-Designs Central, you’ll find quilting patterns for quilted bags to take everything you need — your gym clothes, your make-up, even your groceries! With sewing patterns for all styles and skill levels, you are sure to find a quilted tote or bag that is only what you are looking for.

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