Paradise: Sneak Peek

Hello Friends, I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  It was Labor Weekend for us in the US, but yours truly indeed labored on Labor Day writing up pattern instructions and finishing up a quilt to ship to the editor.   I absolutely adore the fabrics I worked with.  They are from Art Gallery’s Paradise collection.

I just love the foxgloves on this fabric.

Here is a sneak peek of my Paradise quilt.   I am hoping the editorial staff at the magazine would be able to come up with a much better name for the quilt.

I really liked working on this quilt even though the overall construction was on the simple side.  But I think the simplicity shows of the beauty of the fabrics perfectly.  Sometimes, simple is beautiful, isn’t it?

Thanks for stopping by.  Another full week is in my schedule — but I am happy to tell you I actually slept for 8 hours one night this past week!  It’s been a while since I slept for 8 hours in a night.  I hope to show you one of my recent magazine features sometime this week.  Stay tuned!


12 thoughts on “Paradise: Sneak Peek

  1. When I saw the first photo, I thought, wow, it will be hard to work something with that big of a pattern in the print into a quilt design. But as always you did a great job! And I am so glad you got some substantial sleep!

  2. Paradise really is a beautiful quilt. Those fabrics work well together and your design shows them off. Plus, it is an overall design that just looks like it would be fun and fast to create with. I look forward to seeing it published.

    Glad to hear you were able to get a full 8 hours sleep. Hope you get more nights like that. :)


  3. Wendy, love the pattern and colors – so fresh and vibrant – would be perfect for summer placemats, table toppers etc. Did you quilt with your swirl pattern?

  4. I think simple patterns are best for big, bold prints like the ones you were working with. Gorgeous fabrics, too — I’d be tempted to embellish the line-drawn, uncolored blooms with some embroidery stitches or sparkly bling, but that’s probably because I’m allergic to restraint… ;-)

  5. I just love Art Gallery Fabrics. They always have such a unique, fresh look to them; and they have a wonderful feel to them! Beautiful creation…as always!

  6. That print would definitely be out of my “comfort range”! You handled it with flair! When I first brought the site up the name that came to me was “Floral Abundance” which it truly is! Having gone to so many quilt shows this summer (and one more in Hill City,SD, this weekend) I see so many complex piecings that bring “oohs” and “ahhhhs” but when I think of a comfy cozy quilt that will be loved and used, I gravitate toward the more simple piecing that allows the fabric (which we all so adore shopping for!) and quilting texture come forward. I look forward to seeing the entire creation! Hugs, D

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