Go and admire Lea Anne’s Quilt!

You know how I love hearing from readers when they send me pictures of their work!  Lea Anne sent me pictures of her recently finished quilt because she custom adapted my bird motif for quilting her quilt.  Her quilt is simply GORGEOUS, and Lea Anne is an amazingly talented quilter.  Here is one snippet of the quilt that shows the bird… Click here to go to Lea Anne’s quilt.  You just GOTS to – Lea Anne’s quilt will make your day!!!!

Here is my original bird motif.  It made its first debut in my Sentimentally Yours quilt made in 2009 (one of my earlier works).  Oh gosh, 2009 almost seems a lifetime ago!!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Monday, Everyone!

17 thoughts on “Go and admire Lea Anne’s Quilt!

  1. Oh, My! Such a beautiful quilt! And I was starting to feel good about my feathers! I have a way to go yet. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Her work is amazing, I tried about 8 times to leave a comment but the word verification does not work for me hope I am not the only one that gets frustrated with those word verification. It is so easy to turn it off..lol

  3. Thanks, wouldn’t have wanted to miss this. Wonder how long it took her to make it. It’s really beautiful.
    God bless,

  4. I remember that one, but it inspires me all over again! I am a huge fan of your work, and want to thank you for your inspiration. I’m working hard to do feathers in your style, and have had some good moments!

    I agree with Bunny about that darn word verification. It is so frustrating!

  5. WOW… Now that I’ve (finally!) finished my first quilt with FMQ, I have even more respect and admiration for those of you who create these masterpieces! Thanks for sharing this truly gorgeous quilt from Lea Anne!

  6. Your feather technique is the one that seems to just “flow”/come naturally for me (after trying/struggling with so many others). Seeing the quilting that was inspired by you must really bless your heart (as you bless ours;-).
    Wish that ‘word verification’ would just go away!!!!

  7. Wow!!! What a beautiful quilt. I wish I could get over my intimidation of quilting feathers. One of my life’s goals are to create them with excellence.

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