(Feeble) Attempt at de-scrapping

Ivory Spring’s definition of de-scrap:  Getting rid of scraps by using them constructively

One up side in the latest development in my life (being Miss Baby’s taxi driver) is that I get to work more on my handwork projects while I “wait outside” during Miss Baby’s “drop-off” activities. I needed an on-the-go sewing case that was super super quick to put together.  As much as I loved to, I did not have the time to make those beautiful needle books that I see on Etsy.

Here is a 69-cent pencil case I bought at Target…

I hadn’t known they make pencil cases like that:

I used two scrap pieces still laying on my work table from a recently finished quilt, a piece of batting scrap, and leftover binding to make a mat for my needles. The only thing I wish I had added to the mat is a pocket for my scissors so that they don’t bounce around within the box, but I hadn’t thought of that till later.

I then added embroidery floss, a pair of embroidery scissors, a small pill box (for scrap threads), and my trusty hedgehog pincushion in the box to complete the little ensemble.

And here you can see my sewing box being tucked in a corner in my purse.  I have a rather large purse – I don’t know, I always feel like I have to have a purse in which I can pack the entire house, but that’s another story for another day!

There it is – my very feeble attempt at de-scrapping.  The official (and very laughable) stats are: two 2.5″ x 6″ scrap pieces, one 2.5″ x 6″ piece of batting scrap and 19″ binding strip!

Thanks for putting up with me trying to make a big deal out of this “nothing to write home” effort. :)  I hope you have a great day!

Now, curious mind wants to know something totally vain —

1.  Do you carry a big or small purse?

2.  If you are a quilter or needleworker, do you keep in your big/small purse anything craft-related?  If so, what?

3.  If you are a reader, do you keep a book in your purse at all times?

p.s.  Vicki, I thought of you when I was using the scraps – hope you are proud of me for using my scraps!! :) For those who don’t know Vicki, she doesn’t throw any fabrics away, and always has the most creative ways to use up her scraps!


22 thoughts on “(Feeble) Attempt at de-scrapping

  1. Cute idea Wendy! I designed a stitchery keeper that I use for taking my handwork with me. I’m currently putting together a pattern for it and I’m sure you’ll see it on my blog when I do. I blogged about it a couple months ago. I carry a small purse because I fill big ones up with too much “stuff”. I always buy one with over-the-shoulder straps so it doesn’t slide down my shoulder and I can shop hands free. I used to always carry a book, but now I have Kindle & Audible both on my iPhone so I just carry my phone with books loaded on each ap. I listen to one book on the way and read another while waiting :*) Crazy right???

  2. I don’t carry a large purse, have had shoulder problems that a big purse makes worse! And so I don’t have room for much more than a wallet, small makeup bag and eyeglass case. As far as books, when my 30 something daughter was in school, I kept novels in the car to read while I waited in the line to pick her up. Now I have Nook reader, and have taken it with me when I’m going to be waiting. I love it and get most of the books from the local library that uses a website to download the books, only purchased a few books.

  3. Super cute idea! I LOVE those pencil boxes (and right now at Staples this week you can buy up to 4 for a penny each when you make a $5 purchase or more…ask me how I know..lol)…I have a kazillion of them! I use a couple for rotary cutters – one for fabric pencils/markers…one for small scissors….one tucked in my crochet basket holds a yarn needle, scissors and measuring tape….I could go on…you get the idea! Thanks for sharing your brilliance!

  4. I keep a traced redwork project on an 8″ square of fabric, in a sandwich-size ziplock bag. No scissors, but a handful of precut floss. Things get tossed into the top of a diaper bag, or into a knapsack, more often than using a purse.

  5. This is a cute idea. I would add a piece of ribbon to hold down the scissors. My purse is an old inexpensive leather that has lots of zipper compartments, The lining is starting to come out and a snap has loosened from the lining area that holds down the main flap.

    I carry a small zipper bag with my sewing supplies when I know I will have time to sew. I finished the last block I was working on and need to set up something for emergency trips.

    I love to read, but would rather hand sew and listen to a book. Is that mulitasking????

  6. I carry a large purse. I can put most anything in it. I like your needle/pencil. I may need to trotbtomTarget too! I am always looking for the perfect “something”

  7. I carry one of the 3-tie purses that I make (3 men’s neckties= purse). It is reasonably good sized but is a downsize from previous. The joke is that I still get everything I had in the previous purse/bag in this latest one. Not sure how that “computes”!!!! I maintain that even the kitchen sink MUST be available in some instances!?! “Pack Rat” has become my middle name!!!

  8. Yes, I admit it, I do love my scraps! I carry a fairly small purse and the only sewing thing in it is a tape measure. :) My books are audio so they are easy to carry around. A physical therapist broke me of the habit of large (heavy) purses several years ago. The heavy purses were costing me a lot of money in PT sessions!

  9. I think that’s pretty clever! I had never seen a hedgehog pincushion — how unique!

    I definitely can’t carry a small purse. I feel like I have to be prepared for every contingency. :) But it is not as big as some I’ve seen. I keep my current stitching project in a tote bag. I might take it on trips, but not usually for those “waiting int the car” moments since I’ve started having to use a magnifier to see what I am doing. I don’t mind, in fact, I’m happy to have it so I can keep stitching, but I’m embarrassed to be seen wearing it.

    I usually bring a book for those occasions when I know or suspect I’m going to be waiting. But I have a Kindle app on my iPhone, so I can get to books I have downloaded there in a pinch.

  10. I carry a big purse but nothing needlework related in it except a tape measure. I have that in another tote that I pick up on the way out. I keep guideposts in my purse so I always have something to read.

  11. I am guilty of a big purse….especially on vaction. On vacation, I think I’m carrying my purse and my husband’s purse. All I hear is “Will this fit in your purse?” So, I’ve grown accustomed to a big purse. There are no crafts or books in it. Or at least I don’t think so! Who knows what lurks in the bottom!! LOL!

  12. I have two of those pencil cases, now I know what to do with them! (Well, one holds a rotary cutter for retreats, but the other is just latying around. I just started carrying a big purse, mainly so my new ipad fits in there. Always been an”only as big as absolutely necessary” kinda girl.

  13. Soooooo cute. You’ve inspired me once again. I just got a smartphone and need to protect it in my purse, because it doesn’t fit into any of the pockets like my old one did. lol I know, I should just buy a new purse, but I think a quilty project is in order! Love the fabrics you used, they make me smile!

  14. That is a really cute idea! My purse is sort of mid size to hold my nook which I take everywhere. I dont carry anything crafty in it. I use my waiting time catching up on reading. :)

  15. Love craft/quilt projects.I carry a large purse, tried a small one, always missing something. I no longer have many occasions to wait on someone. but when I do, I grab a magazine, something to do with quilting, crafting, or health.

  16. Wendy, I really love your recently found blog through the Back to School Blog Hop. I don’t carry a large purse but a rather large tote. I volunteer at our hospital one day a week and always have a project with me which includes a small needle case for needle, thread & scissors.

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