Garden Steps: Sneak Peek

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for you sweet thoughts and prayers for Miss Baby.  She is definitely on the mend.  Now, let’s just hope Mom here won’t catch the bug!

I manage to complete Garden Steps in the midst of all that was happening at my end!  This is a fun fun quilt…

… with a fun fun twist!  Stay tuned for details.  Now I need to go and clean off my desk before I start on my next quilt.


8 thoughts on “Garden Steps: Sneak Peek

  1. You are a human ‘whirlwind’..LOL! So glad/thankful to hear Miss Baby is better! Since starting to follow along with your quilt creations, I have really stocked up on white fabric……which is so out of my creative color palette! And I have so thoroughly enjoyed working with it!! Thank you for ‘stretching’ me (although, I am sure, you were totally unaware of your impact on me!!! Hehe!)! Blessings, hugs and prayers for His strength coming your way and continuing for your ‘expectant’ friend:-D

  2. Love what I’m seeing here, Wendy, can’t wait to see the whole thing! Glad Miss Baby is feeling better, and I’m saying a prayer you don’t get it as well!

  3. I’m really curious how the whole quilt looks! When I see the Detail I think it will be again a wonderful quilt.

    Tomorrow is a special day for me. I am a member from the Blog Hop: ” Bowls and Borders” . If you interested I invite You to come and see what I’ve done.
    Sorry for my bad english.

    Greeting Guilitta from Germany

  4. How did I miss the post on Miss Baby being sick? I am glad to read that she is on the mend and praying that you do not catch the bug.

    The piecing on Garden Steps is really interesting looking. I can’t wait to see the full quilt.

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