I report, you decide!

Miss Baby came into the kitchen looking like she did in the picture when dinner was ready.  And we had the following conversation.

Me:  Did you take your blouse off and put it back on?

Baby:  No…

What do you think, my dear Friends?  I will let you make your on judgment on that one! :)  Kids, I tell ya!

Have a great weekend!  I will chat with you again next Monday.

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26 thoughts on “I report, you decide!

  1. Just wait til the day she comes to the table with her hair cut really short with jagged ends! I still can’t stand the irritation of clothing labels against my neck and always cut them off immediately. Especially in hot weather.

  2. HA! next time, ask her “why did you take off your shirt?” and have her wonder how you knew! by asking her IF she did, and answering with a “no,” she really, truly believes she has you fooled.

    I’d watch my girls (both of ’em!!) stand in the kitchen, talking on the phone & peeling the wallpaper at the seam….and they’d both SWEAR up and down (and truly believe it!) that they didn’t do it.

    Kids! gotta love ’em!

  3. AWE so cute….they really don’t recall doing that…. not that it is important to her…. or she has some stain on the other side that she doesn’t want to show.

  4. Reminds me of my daughter at that age, now about to turn 37. My Mom put a shirt on her when she was 3 that Rochelle did not want to wear so she promptly removed her arms and turned it around backward. She kept saying I want my nother shirt! They will have their way regardless.

  5. Aren’t they funny! A few days ago I sat down at my sewing machine (that was fine minutes earlier) which all of a sudden was doing some wacky stitches. I called my little Nicholas (a.k.a. button pushed) over to see if he had any ideas. “Nope, and I did not push that button RIGHT THERE.”

  6. Yeah, well. It is the same all over as I’ve guided my children into being truthful and telling what really happened by reminding them that I don’t ask questions that I don’t already know the answers to. Then why do you ask the questions, Mom? because sweetie, I am trying to help you to learn that when you talk to people, tell them exactly the way things really happen and tell them the way you really feel. Was that a dangerous endeavor? You bet, next task…teach them diplomacy! Is that lying? lol!

  7. When my son was about the same age, he came walking into the kitchen, very nonchalantly, like it was a normal thing to have bright red lipstick smeared all over his face. I asked him if he had been using grandmas make up and he looked at me as if I was silly to ask him that and promptly answered “nope”. It was really hard to keep a straight face.

  8. That is definitely a pic for the high school grad. collage~~am loving, and grinning, at this one!!! And so it really begins;-) Thank you so much for the lovely sharing……..

  9. LOL! I have the SAME conversation with my 3 year old EVERY day! What is the fascination with taking the clothes on and off multiple times a day? As I sit here typing this, I look over at her and she is laying on the couch, legs up in the air…..NO PANTS! ;)

  10. She’s a lady with her own style! I’m glad you took a photo; it’ll bring you a smile when you’re 75!

    One day, I was going down the hallway and spotted a circle drawn on the wall just at my eye level. There was a line drawn all the way down to the floor. I followed that line and lo and behold, it was a little girl holding a balloon! That was daughter #1, Anna. She was 3.

    Another time, while dusting the piano, I noticed ‘Anna’ scribbled [more like gouged] on it. I knew immediately daughter #2 was guilty. And how did mom know? Because #2 could not yet write ‘Teresa’ at age 3.

  11. I’m not taking sides in this one – but remember this lesson and be ready when she is in the dreaded teen years and gives you that answer. Believe me,
    you are not alone!

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