Sweet Meadow in THE QUILTER (August/September 2012)

Happy Monday, Friends!  Now that I am back in town, I can share with you that I was actually gone most of last week for some quilting-related work out-of-state.   It was exhausting, but very rewarding.  And yet it is also good to be back home.  I am excited to share with you my Sweet Meadow bedrunner that is featured in The Quilter‘s August/September 2012 issue!

This is the schematic showing the starting point of the project.  I eventually adapted the concept with fabrics, and came up with the bedrunner.

Here are a few shots of the actual bedrunner in real life, accompanied by a few “breakable” trappings of life.  My white matelasse bedspread that I originally wanted to use was at the cleaner’s.  Thus the beige/tan one, but I think it actually worked out better as it highlighted the white on the bedrunner really well.

The bluebirds of happiness were intentional.  There really wasn’t another option after I saw how the blue just popped among the pinks and greens.

I didn’t want to use the usual green for leaves, so I used pink and a stripe print in the collection.  You know, stripes are really very versatile in their usage.  I have another project in my future to-do that uses stripes in the actual blocks!  The applique is fused machine applique using Warm Company‘s Steam A Seam2 fusible web.

The fabrics are from In the Meadow collection by Quilting Treasures.

The pieced center of the bed runner is quilted with swirls.

Of course, the wide white inner border is just BEGGING to be filled in with quilting, right?   I am taking you for an “around the inner border” tour as the quilting was unmarked and unplanned, so the quilting is not uniform throughout the border.

As almost always, quilting was done with Aurifil Mako 50 cotton over Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting.

This is how the back looks:

I hope you have enjoyed my Sweet Meadow bedrunner.  Now, I am curious to know…

#1.  … are bedrunners part of your bedding ensemble?

#2.  … if you are a quilter, are you more apt to make tablerunners or bedrunners?

41 thoughts on “Sweet Meadow in THE QUILTER (August/September 2012)

  1. It’s beautiful… I have never used a bedrunner before although I have heard of them. I think I would use a table runner before I used a bedrunner but it’s so beautiful that I might have to change my mind. Did I mention that I think it’s just beautiful?!?! The blue is just perfect to bring out the pinks and bright white…. and the quilting? Perfect as always!

  2. Congrats on the publication. The project is just lovely and the quilting wonderful! I’ve not used either type of runner although my to do list folder is FULL of both. I think I’d use both equally and change them up for the seasons as well. Thanks for the peek!

  3. I haven’t used a bed runner yet, but after seeing this one this may have to change. It’s just lovely…the design, the quilting, everything. Congratulations on such a lovely project!

  4. Thank you for sharing that detailed pic of the quilting. Specially the back!!!! i love how you combined so many types of movement in the quilting on the borders. I do not make runners, either for tables or beds. I’m more likely to use something like that and make a wall hanging, or a full quilt out of it. still lovely.very lovely.

  5. I also have a matelasse comforter.I love the way it looks with a quilt folded at the foor of the bed. I have made one bedrunner, but I think I will have to make more. BTW, your quilting is just fabulous.

  6. Beautiful work! I made one bedrunner but don’t plan on making anymore as I prefer a folded quilt on the end of the bed….so I can pull it up if I take a nap. Now tablerunners…I love!

  7. thats a gorgous bedrunner. as a quilter you would think that I would too but no I am much more likely to make table runners” I have yet to get a quilt made for my bed. it seems like everyone else comes first”. take care and that s a beautifull job!

  8. What beautiful quilting. I only did a bed runner by mistake. It was suppose to be a Christmas table runner but it turned out too big and works better as a bed runner. I happen to have the Blue Willow set you have. The only set I kept out of 120 or so pieces. Thank you for the tour and, again, I love your quilting.

  9. This is beautiful, Wendy! As always, I love your quilting and the birds in the border. Good call on the pink leaves, it gives a rosebud feel, too. I definitely make more table runners ~

  10. Wendy, Love it..gorgeous as usual.
    I currently tend to make tablerunners and tabletoppers, however I plan to make several bed runners in the near future..they dress up a bed so nicely.

  11. Wendy you have done it again. It is very very nice. I would be more likely to make a table runner. But mainly do quilts or wall hangings. Your quilting is wonderful , I wish I could quilt like that. I am envious of your talent. I love your choice of colors , I like pinks and greens together but the blue really makes it pop. Thank you for taking the time to share , you are making a lot of people happy. Diane

  12. This is just gorgeous!! I’ve never done a table runner or bed runner. I would love to do both. Your quilting is just over the top. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Wendy, this is fantastic! I am going to have to try to find the mag., as it is a pattern I would love to make. As always, your quilting is fabulous! It really is a happy quilt, and thanks again for sharing so much with us. The pictures are fantastic

  14. Your quilting is absolutely stunning, Wendy. Once again, you’ve outdone yourself. I never make a bed runner or table runner. A quilt on the bed is plenty, and for tables, place mats work just fine. I need to make six of those for our new table and chairs. Another thing to do “one of these days.”

  15. Unmarked AND unplanned? You mean, you just make it up as you go along and it comes out spectacular? Even Michelangelo planned everything out ahead of time before he cut loose on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel! Very impressive. I love your unusual fabric/color choices on this piece, especially the birds.

    Until recently I’d never heard of a bed runner. I can hear my husband grumbling already, just THINKING about one more “decorative” item on the bed. We have a disagreement about how many pillows are really needed on a bed for two people… ;-) However, I am planning to do some table runners when (if?) I ever finish the current bed quilt. I think it will help my quilting to improve to work on more maneageable-sized projects, and it will feel good to finish something in less than a year. I have several places in my home where I could use table runners, and they are perfect to switch out seasonally.

    Thanks again for contributing the Jester Hat tutorial to SewCalGal’s FMQ Challenge!

  16. I don’t use a bed runner but yours is beautiful. It would look nice as a table runner; I make them often for kids; we don’t use one. I also make place mats.

  17. Oh my gosh! That’s just breathtakingly beautiful! I never would have thought stripes (especially of pink and green) would look so good as leaves! Your quilting is absolutely amazing and really highlights those adorable little birdies!

    No….we don’t have/use bedrunners, but they’re probably a good way to practice new techniques. My hubby’s probably related to Rebecca Grace’s and thinks we only need two pillows on a two person bed, and grumbles every night (I hope good-naturedly) about having to move/remove the 6 decorative ones!

    Congratulations on being featured (yet again!!)!

  18. The bed runner is beautiful. I love the way you used the stripe fabric for the leaves. Thank you for showing us the backside of the runner. The quilting as usual, is amazing. I have seen bed runners in hotels for years and have wanted to make one, but haven’t yet.

  19. What a beautiful bed runner and the quilting is out of this world. I do make table runners but I think I would try a bed runner but I like a quilt on end of my bed I can pull over for a nap.

  20. HI ,I love yours bed runner never made one ,I make a lot of table runners they make good gifts ,How ever time is now to try a bed runner, congrats
    val NZ

  21. Ooh that’s absolutely gorgeous. I am more apt to make a table runner than a bed runner because of the lack of storage in our bedroom. Plus as gifts I think the table runners would be used more although I could be wrong.

  22. Thank you so much for the detailed pictures….will put this post in my “very important” folder for future FMQ reference. Enjoyed reading all the above comments (especially Rebecca’s!). Agree totally with all! Bedrunners afford greater opportunities than tablerunners cuz they are a bit larger scale yet quite easy to manipulate when it comes to the finishing/quilting phases. Also, I feel more comfortable making them more ornate, etc, as they won’t be placed in proximity to food (although all my projects are very washable!!) and the one who receives it will have a place for it…..after I, possibly, explain what it is intended to be..hehe! Everything about this piece just “sparkles”…..love it!! Hugs, Doreen……will have to get me some silk batting…soon!!

  23. Wendy, I love the design! Especially the colorful blue birds against the bright white in the pink and greens.
    I don’t make table or bed runners…..yet. I am more apt to make wallhangings and utility quilts at this point. but am hoping one day to start making them, too.

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  25. Bedrunners are a new thing to me and instead of tablerunners for the holidays this year, it’ll be bedrunners.
    I’m still practicing my FMQ; it’s not anywhere near the kind of work you do. You’re the best I’ve ever seen!
    Can hardly wait for my issue to arrive! I think it’s caught in the middle of the ocean.

  26. Absolutely love the bedrunner and the bluebirds just top it off. I went to town to Joann’s and found the magazine b/c I would love to make Out of the Nest that is if I ever get caught up before Thanksgiving. That is my goal right now. That also includes stamping Christmas Cards plus 3 yr old. grandson’s scrapbook. Got to run–sure you know what that is! Have a great weekend. Blessings!

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