Great minds think alike…

My sweet “Jane Austen” quilting buddy Erin wrote me about her tree quilt after she saw my Out of the Nest quilt!  Hearing from her always makes my day.

This is Erin’s tree quilt (I so so love the fabric she used for the border):

[Image source:]

This is my tree quilt:

[Image Source: The Quilter]

It was quite sweet that we both posted about our “tree” quilt about the same time.  What can I say except great minds think alike? :)

I was thrilled to see the positive response on Out of the Nest on The Quilter’s Facebook page – it made me all tingly!

Keeping with the “great minds think alike” train of thought, you would agree with me Erin does great work, wouldn’t you?  If you haven’t checked out her website, you NEED to!  Click here to visit, and do tell her you like her tree quilt too.  She will enjoy hearing from you.


12 thoughts on “Great minds think alike…

  1. I love tree quilts!! Love both of them but OMG! Wendy, I must have missed this one of yours. Is this in the Quilter Magazine? I love to make this one of yours. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a good (restful) weekend.

  2. OMGosh Wendy! As always I am awe-struct with your quilting! Your tree quilt is astounding and as always an inspiration… wishing I had more time to play. Enjoy your weekend!

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