Sarah’s Quilt… all I can say is…

WOWWIE!  Many of you expressed you wanted to see Sarah’s quilt in its entirety.  Sarah graciously shared a picture of her quilt!    Can you say “awesome”?  Sarah added, “The pattern is from the book, Celebration of American Life by Barb Adams and Alma Allen.”

Me thinks Sarah should start a blog to document her work.  There’s NO TELLING what other amazing quilts this lady makes!

Thanks for stopping by, Friends!  I am on a crunch to finish up a project by this weekend.  I started on it at 1am this morning, and I hope I can make it.  Gotta run.  You have a blessed weekend!  See you on Monday, I hope!


25 thoughts on “Sarah’s Quilt… all I can say is…

  1. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful quilt. It is terrific! The two of you give me such inspiration. Soon, I am going to have to hang it up for about 4 months for hand surgery. I have 3 bone on bone places in my right hand that has to be fixed and I can just dream and drool to get out of recovery and start over, pain free! Thank you for giving me so much to reach for!!!!

  2. Wow – that little sneaky-peek hardly did it justice! That’s really pretty spectacular after all!!

    Wendy- you just might be working a bit too hard!

  3. Of all the Baltimore-type quilts I’ve seen, I think Sarah’s takes the prize! The others have just a bit of formality to them but this quilt I could see myself wanting one like in my home. It’s gorgeous!

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