Charmed: Final Sneak Peeks

Hello Friends, I didn’t get to edit the pictures of the mentioned magazine featured project as intended!  So I am re-scheduling that post for next week. Besides the craziness, I managed to finish and ship out my Charmed quilt in three days.  I haven’t been that quick in a long while.  Here are a couple of final peeks before I can show the entire quilt to you in full sometime next year (I think!)…

Quilting is light-hearted.  Somehow I just can’t see feather plumes on this quilt.  I tried out a swirly leaf/petal combo.

Anyone out there interested in a schematic of my new-fangled leaf petal quilting motif combo plus fillers?  Please raise your hands.

That’s it for this week.  I am utterly exhausted, but there’s no rest for the weary… I still have quite a bit of work to do for the rest of the week.  Now, you go and have a lovely week on my account since I will still be catching up on some work.  Till next week.  Hugs to you all.

32 thoughts on “Charmed: Final Sneak Peeks

  1. My hand is waving in the air like a flag on the 4th of July! I love the schematic of the quilting pattern…. and was trying to trace in with my finger to etch in my mind as I studied your picture. Please do share! lovelyquilt

  2. Funny….I read the first words, got to the pic and was totally focused on the quilting pattern (running it in my head, etc) and then I read the sentence below the pic!!!! You are really “in the know” with your readers!!!! Hand raised here, too. “Charmed” is a hit with me;-D

  3. Yes please. I think we all need to see your new fangled quilting. I am eager to see the whole quilt. The snowball blocks have piqued my interest.

  4. Wendy, I don’t know when you sleep!! I’m finally really starting on the free-motion quilting using my BSR & you are my inspiration. Almost have feathers mastered, but not quite! Would love to see the schematic of this new pattern drawn out. Thanks for all your helpful hints. Jean Hehl (Bella Vista, AR)

  5. The quilt looks very cute! Great for charm squares – I’m always looking for a good charm square quilt. The quilting complements it perfectly! I’d like to see the motif – thanks!

  6. Do you see me hopping up and down, waving my hands around like a fool? Yes, please!

    I love what I can see of your Charmed quilt, by the way. Question: Do you use one of those Accuquilt GO! Cutters? I’m amazed by how quickly you’re able to churn out so many beautiful quilts, and although it’s not a business for me, I’m still feeling like I’d like to speed up my process. If those die cutters really speed up the cutting process as much as they claim, it could help me to finish quilt tops faster so I can spend more time improving my quilting skills. They’re so expensive, though.

  7. My hand is up. I like that it isn’t a feather or a flower, it just has nice movement. Please do share.

    Beautiful quilt too, I look forward to hearing when it gets published.

  8. Me too please!! I always love what you do with a quilt…. I don’t know how you decide on the patterns but they always turn out really nice! Thanks Wendy!

  9. I just love, love it. I hope you are shipping it to my house. I will watch my mailbox. :). Oh, and btw, I’m raising my hand.

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