Peggy’s Joseph’s Pinwheels

Happy Monday, dear Friends!  I hope you had a good weekend.  I am utterly exhausted from all the activities that have whirled around at my end.  But company leaves today, and things should return to a bit of normalcy.

Peggy made my Joseph’s Pinwheels quilt for a baby that is going to be born.  Peggy did a great job, didn’t she?!

Some wrote recently and asked where they can access the pattern of this quilt.  There are a couple of ways:

1.  Fons and Porter Love of Quilting June 2011 magazine (back issue).  Click here to purchase.

2.  Digital pattern.  Click here to purchase.

3.  Supplementary DVD that mentions technique for quilt top construction: Love of Quilting Series 1800.  Click here to purchase.

Back to Peggy’s quilt…. mother of soon-to-be born baby is ordered bed rest for the last three months of her pregnancy.  Would you please please please pray for this Mom-to-be that all will go well for her and her baby?  Thanks MUCH!  I am hoping Peggy will send a picture of the baby with the quilt once he/she makes his/her grand entrance. ;)

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a stupendous week ahead.

7 thoughts on “Peggy’s Joseph’s Pinwheels

  1. Praying for this soon to be mom that she has a easy delivery and a healthy c
    child and may God’s favor be on both.

  2. Adding to daily prayer time….God’s blessings on mother/child and family;-)
    That quilt pattern is one of my faves….have a ‘thing’ for pinwheels AND love the dots!!!! Glad “normalcy” is back on your radar! Hugs, Doreen

  3. Love Peggy’s quilt! Her color and fabric choices reming me of those baby mobiles with graphic patterns in black and white and primary colors, that are supposed to be easier for newborns to see or good for their development or something like that. I find it refreshingly edgy and modern for a baby quilt! Yes, prayers and best wishes to the momma and child.

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  5. I just look the quilt and the black fabric that she used. She did an excellent job–makes me want to do one,too. Prayers will be lifted for Peggy!

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