To answer your question….

… about how I quilted the Christmas Tree on my Christmas Cheer quilt…

I used the Golden Threads paper method.  Basically, I traced the Christmas Tree design onto a piece of Golden Threads paper.  I pinned the traced  in motif in such a way that I am happy with its placement on the quilt.  I quilted following the traced design, and removed the paper after stitching!  Easy peasy, yes?

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely weekend.  See you next Monday!


7 thoughts on “To answer your question….

    • Generally, I would tear my paper in a “sideways” direction so as to not “lift” my stitches. When I can’t get all the paper out, I break out a pair of tweezers to finish the job. Great questions from those who have asked.

  1. Hello Wendy,

    I couldn´t believe that you as a perfect Quilter used theGolden Threads paper method. But I enjoy you did it and wrote about it. I just postet the paper to try the method, because I am a beginner.
    But i have the same question as Leeanne and Sue Cryderman. Can you write about it??

    Greeting Guilitta

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