What does quilting mean to you?

Dear Friends,

Can you imagine the fun we would have quilting away around this lovely quilt and quilting frame?  I think I would just sit on the sideline and watch you hand-quilt since I can’t do hand-quilting to save my life, and thus wouldn’t want to be in the way of you talented hand quilters. :)

To me, quilting is about the expression of oneself, the blessing of others, and the bonding of those who immerse in the art.

[Picture taken at one of DAR Museum‘s Period Rooms]

What does quilting mean to you?  Curious mind would SURE love to know!

Thanks for stopping by – have a lovely day!  Hugs to you all!

p.s.  I haven’t forgotten about you!  Between company and work, I have had a total of 2 1/2  hours of sleep in the last 24 hours!  Don’t get me wrong – I am not complaining.  I am happy to have with us our company, and to have work!  I need to go.  Maybe I can squeeze in a couple of rest before the rest of the house awakes.

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19 thoughts on “What does quilting mean to you?

  1. I piece a lot more than I quilt. I haven’t made the time to hand quilt a large quilt in two years, but the planning, cutting, piecing…all that is my creative outlet. Also, in a life where much of what I do much be re-done several times a day (cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc), it is nice to have something that STAYS DONE–each little seam is permanent.

  2. Quilting is an expression of creativity and art. … but the wonderful time spent with friends and sharing of life that accompanies the stitching is the best benefit.

  3. I do think quilting is a means of creativity, self-expression, a blessing to others. I also like the tie it has to the past. Even though color combinations have changed, colors are more vibrant, and newer designs are delightfully outside the box, there are patterns from years ago still in use, and the art itself harkens back to those early artisans.

    I hope you did or do get some more sleep! I worry about you!

  4. Lovely thoughts (above)! Sometimes I miss doing the hand piecing/quilting…because of the portability factor/ability to join with others in this activity. Many have wandered away from this method in favor of the machine technique (variety of reasons). What remains, though, is a group of like-minded creative friends, brought together out of a love for the art/craft who find that ‘giving’ is the essence of ‘receiving’. Others’ needs/hurts/joys can be lifted with the heart-filled quilted creations. I am so proud to be a part of such a community of wonderful gals and guys!!!! Hugs, Doreen

  5. Wendy, I am not very creative, but love to see what others create with a needle and fabric. My quilting is my therapy. I started when my children were very small, and it was a great outlet for me. I’ve always enjoyed doing puzzles, and cutting fabric and putting them together is like a big puzzle. I love to see how it all comes together. I’ve only hand quilted one quilt, but I do sometimes quilt with three other quilting buddies. We gather our machines together at one of our homes, and we sew and talk, and eat and laugh, and sew some more. It’s a great bonding time.

  6. Wendy, what a great discussion. Quilting is so many wonderful things to me. First, a hand to the past as I feel a connection to the women who came before me. Those who tended their children, labored in their gardens, prepared wholesome meals, gathered eggs and somehow left us a heritage in their needlework. I believe they sit beside me at my machine and as I hand sew. Second, it is peaceful (mostly!), orderly work that brings me a sense of completion and contentment. Third, that fellowship today with other quilters not only for sewing but as helpful, loving sisters who listen to each other and offer real support. I am certain there is more, but these are what come first to my mind. Enjoy your chaos. There will come a time when you will surely miss it. From St. Paul to James …. “Count it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials…” Quilt hugs to you.

  7. Quilting definitely means friends and community to me, first and foremost. I struggled to find a place to fit in when we moved to Nashville 8 years ago. It was not until 1-1/2 years later when I found a little quilt shop in our neighborhood that I found friends and a place for me to be part of a larger community. My quilting gives my creative spark life, and my friends keep it burning!

  8. I absolutely love hand quilting. In my quest to learn machine quilting though, I rarely have time to hand quilt. It will come back. But the quiet contemplative time hand quilting makes me feel most involved with quilting and usually with whoever the quilt is intended. I have the highest respect for hand quilters.

  9. Merci de partager cette photos avec nous, moi je fait toujours mes courtepointe quilting à la main. Présentement ça me rapel ma grand maman et nos ancêtres. J’ai besoin de ceci dans le moment pour oublier ce que je vis de la maladie. Pouvez voir mes travaux sur mon blog.

  10. Quilting means many things to all of us but quilting is remembering my grandmother setting up frames in her living room and me underneath the guilt and her thumping my head with her figure. It is all about wonderful family memories that I cherish and never thought that I would be learning to quilt like my grandmother. Course her quilting was all by hand but that I can not do but machine works fine for me. Blessings

  11. Everyone’s comments have defined quilting so well. It is both community and solitary enjoyment and expression. I know you are having fun, Wendy, but don’t wear yourself out!

  12. I love quilting, the peace and tranquillity of quilting and completing a project. I’ve done both hand quilting and machine and find both such a calming effect. I used to quilt with a group and it was great having the companionship, great laughs and great support if required.

  13. Someday dear Wendy, you need to learn to hand-quilt. I remember when I started…I had such a feeling of being part of something so much bigger than myself, as if all the generations of quilters were sitting right there with me. I hope you get some rest hon, you don’t want to burn out!

  14. For me, it is a place. A place where I can make ordinary things beautiful (material into quilts) and worthless things special (little scraps of material into a work of art). This place is where good things happen and it’s all contained in my home, my mind, and my fingers!

  15. Boy, I could write a book on what quilting means to me. First of all, it allows me to create when I am not at all “artistic”. I love the craft of quilting, I love the community of quilting, and feeling a kinship with quilters of the past. Quilting is a big part of how I define myself – it is a passion and a joy – and I am very grateful to have something in my life that brings me such joy. I do a bit of hand quilting, I enjoy it a lot, but as time is not in great supply mostly machine quilt.

  16. What a wonderful question, and such thoughtful answers. To me it has been letting go, learning to say its ok, no one care if it doesn’t look like the picture. I can literally have a rough day come home and sort thru my fabrics and feel the healing begin.
    Vicki R

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