Christmas Cards: Sneak Peek

Once again, Sherry saved my life by completing another quilt top for me.  I was able to quilt and complete Christmas Cards over the weekend.  Here is a sneak peek:

As I was working on the quilt, I thought about the quilts I had made for Christmases past — and I think I am detecting a theme. :)

Christmas Cheer (Quilter’s World, December 2009)

Christmas Hospitality (Quilter’s World’s A Quilted Christmas, Fall 2011)

Holiday Spinners (The Quilter, Holiday 2010)

Poinsettia Fiesta

And my first EVER Christmas quilt, and second quilt I ever made.

Yup, I do love love love poinsettias for Christmas — that naturally transfers to my choice of fabrics when it comes to making Christmas quilts.

Now nosy mind wants to know if you have a favorite theme for your Holiday fabrics.   If so, what is it?

17 thoughts on “Christmas Cards: Sneak Peek

  1. “Christmas Cheer” is my fave! I like the Victorian Christmas ideas. Not so much a specific color scheme but more the mix of “MORE” of everything! It can be the deep burgundy/deep hunter green pairing to the icey/frosty blue, creamy white and silver combo! Love all the possibilities!!!!! Your quilts are always incredible…..blessings and hugs, Doreen

  2. Did you quilt those darling Christmas trees freehand, or did you mark them first? I love poinsettias, too. Also SNOWFLAKES, and blue and white snowy fabrics. I think that’s because I’m always remembering snowy white Christmas wonderlands from my childhood in Minnesota, but now I’m in North Carolina where the grass stays green and the PANSIES bloom in December, for Pete’s sake! I love how you displayed that first Christnas quilt above the mantel and stockings. :-)

  3. Love them, love them!!The new one is over the TOP gorgeous. Yes, my trend each year is to survive and live to see another one. With some of the kids it’s like you never see the husbands unless it’s Christmas or Easter??? I just love Christmas.

  4. Beautiful work! Lucky Sherry to piece your top…I’d love to do that for anyone! My fav Christmas fabric is candy cane themes…red & white stripes!

  5. The Christmas tree quilted on Christmas Hospitality is totally cool. I really like it. Is it from a stencil or did you freehand it? I am glad you kept going after your first ever because it is pretty neat also. Nice job on all of the quilts!!

  6. When I look at your quilting, I realize what a great artist you are. Your quilts are fantastic! I’ve been looking back through your thread talks and have been enjoying them too. Thanks.

  7. Oh boy, Christmas will be here before we know it! I still need to make that present quilt you did last year!

  8. Just as a P.S. to my comment above, I have a lot of pink in my decorating and felt that a lot of Christmas red would clash, so our tree skirt as well as other decorations has snowmen in/on them which tends to have a lot of blue background with touches of red and green.

    Years ago I could find a lot of Christmasy things with a dark rose background, but not so much any more.

  9. Pointsettis are hard to beat, I think they are my first choice too, and then
    snowmen, Cardinals, . . love ’em all !

  10. Whimsical…I love whimsical. Most, if not all, of my quilts will go to charity and anything that’s cheery is good.

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