Virtual Trunk Show: Babies and Kids!

Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope you had a good weekend.  We had a bit of reprieve from the heat, and are more than thankful about that!  The topic of babies and kids came up during our family’s visit this last weeks, inspiring today’s virtual trunk show’s theme of babies and kids!  In my humble opinion, there’s nothing more precious than the making and giving of a baby quilt to any new addition(s) to a family – thinking of the symbolism of covering a baby with LOVE and PRAYERS using a quilt made with heartfelt love makes me teary eye.

1.  Jungle Jim and Jane (Fons and Porter Baby Quilts, Fall 2010)

2.  Bunny Foo Foo (Fons and Porter Quilts for Kids, Summer 2011)

3.  Joseph’s Pinwheels (Fons and Porter Love of Quilting, June 2011)

[Image Source:]

4.  Baby Steps (Quilter’s World, April 2010)

[Image Source:]

5.  To a Garden Tea Party (Quilter’s World, June 2010)

6.  Blissful in the Clouds (Log Cabins Today by House of White Birches, 2010; Quilter’s World’s Inspiration for Precuts, Spring 2012)

7.  Ring of Flowers (The Quilter, April/May 2011)

8.  Tea with Me (Fall Quilt Market for RJR, 2010)

9.  Reaching for the Stars Growth Chart (Fall Quilt Market for RJR, 2010)

10.  Busytown A to Z (for Quilting Treasures/VIP Exclusives, 2011)

11.  Dino 1-2-3 (for Quilting Treasures/VIP Exclusives, 2012)

12.  Paddington’s Travels (for Quilting Treasures, Fall 2011)

So, do tell me – which is your favorite?

I will tell what my all-time favorite is when it comes to baby/kids quilts — and it is one NOT made by me.  It is Gwen’s Stars.  Click here to read about the quilt.

Before you leave, do read about Lorraine’s first ever quilt she made for her grandson if you haven’t already.

HAPPY MONDAY HUGS for you just for stopping by! :)

9 thoughts on “Virtual Trunk Show: Babies and Kids!

  1. It’s very hard to choose, but if I have to Ring of Flowers is my favorite. Followed closely by Paddington’s Travels. All of them are stunning as your quilts always are. Thanks for the trunk show!

  2. They’re all so so gorgeous, hon, but I think Bunny Foo Foo is my favorite – and Paddington’s Travels, because I loved his books so much as a kid. You are such a wonderful designer, sweetie!

  3. I love them all, especially Josephs Pinwheels. F&P have nothing listed on it other than the page is no longer available. I would love to get the pattern for this, any suggestions?

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