Up to taking Log Cabins one step further?

The log cabin blocks and their sundry variations have long been considered as the most popular quilt blocks. These are the log cabins we are used to seeing:

1.  Blissful in the Clouds

2.  Spring Blooms

3.  Apple of My Eye

4.  Autumn Hues

5.  Pumpkin Patch Table Runner

Now, are you willing to take the application of Log Cabins a bit further… as in this?

[Image source: http://whatkatewore.com/2012/06/28/what-kate-might-wear-alexander-mcqueen-roland-mouret-erdem-resort-2013/]

So, curious mind wants to know if you would wear a Log Cabin outfit…


18 thoughts on “Up to taking Log Cabins one step further?

  1. If I had a figure like those girls you bet I could pull it off! Actually they are very striking. A real out of the box design for apparel.

  2. MAYbe if I looked like that, I’d consider it….but probably not! Seems to me the eye is drawn to places I’d rather not have eyes drawn to!! :) But pretty on the model!

  3. I love the design in a jacket for quilting events, but to go out dressed in these particular outfits in public – probably not! Of course, I am 56, not 26, so I don’t even come CLOSE to looking like they do :*)

  4. yeah, maybe if I looked like that lady and wanted to scare people :) I wonder what the reaction from my high school students would be if I came to school dressed like that. Normally I wear a tshirt and jeans. I doubt they could concentrate on their school work, they would be laughing too much!

  5. Uh….no. I don’t even “get” the white outfit. I would consider a log cabin vest or jacket or kimono jacket in batiks. But the others…..no. Unless I was a super model. they can wear anything.

  6. I don’t think so — it looks too busy for an outfit. I have seen people wear clothes with pieced or quilted aspects, like a vest or a jacket. But an overall pattern like that is just a little too much for me.

  7. The closest I’ve come to clothing is using a log cabin pattern on my husband’s ordination stole. It’s his favorite pattern and we decided I should use it on his red stole.

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