Well done, Lorraine of London!

I am by no means a seasoned quilter, because I still consider myself a relatively new kid on the block!  I will always be appreciative of the wonderful ladies of Rogers Sewing Center‘s Bernina Club for being super super nice and sweet about any projects I bring for show and tell in my early sewing days!  Their encouragement played a big part in my quilting life.  So, I asked Lorraine of London (no blog) if I could share her recently finished FIRST quilt with my blog readers so that we can all admire the quilt she made for her grandson Ellis, and more importantly to cheer her along in her quilting journey!

If you scroll back up and look closely at the blocks, you can see Lorraine incorporated a few really great ideas on personalizing the baby quilt.

1.  The ultra-sound picture, 4th block from the left on bottom row (I just think that’s the neatest idea!)

2.  Letter E for her grandson Ellis, 2nd block from the left on bottom row

3.  A mini blue crochet blanket,  2nd block from the left on 4th row (now, how sweet is that?!)

Well done, Lorraine!  I hope you make many many more quilts to bless your loved ones!


Please feel free to leave something encouraging for Lorraine in the comment section.  You can also share about the first quilt you ever made — I am vastly interested.

Have a happy weekend!  I will be posting about my latest featured quilts next week!  Till then.


27 thoughts on “Well done, Lorraine of London!

  1. Beautifully done Lorraine! Your blocks are so creative and just awesome. I am sure Ellis is just going to love it! Some quilts go together easier than others so dont give up, put it aside and try something else then go back to it :)

  2. Lorraine, you’re quilt is awesome! You and Ellis will have so much fun sharing how you made the quilt, and what each block meant to you. Kids love knowing how much family wanted them, even as a little baby on the ultra-sound picture. I agree completely with Kate, sometimes I have take a break from a project, when I do go back to it; things seem to work so much better and sometimes I learn something new.

  3. Oh my! How super ingenious! I never cease to be “blown away” by the creativity of the quilting artist! A fantastic keepsake/heirloom…….much better than a scrapbook!!! Hope to see more of your quilts in the future, Lorraine!-D

  4. Stunning beautiful quilt I love all the ideas and things she put in the quilt she has an award winner there for sure.
    Carol in Delaware

  5. Well done Lorraine – what a great keepsake for your grandson. My first quilt never did get finished – made many since but that first one is now well loved by our cavalier dogs

  6. Hard to believe you were ever a newbie, Wendy! Your work is far superior to that of quilters many years beyond yours!!! Lorraine’s first quilt is truly a treasure tho – such imagination and creativity!! Can’t wait to see more of her work!!

  7. Nothing beats using one’s imagination when making a quilt. Congratulations on using yours in delightful ways.

  8. That is such a great idea and it will bring him so many years of sweet memories. I hope you enjoyed the process as much as the finished quilt.

  9. I adore that she personalized it so, what a treasure this will be! And I’d be interested to know if any of the embroidered images or fabric choices meant something in particular too. The crochet is the neatest touch. My first? It;s hard to say, I had several WIP beofre I finally finished one, but I think it actually is my wholecloth, handquilted bedspread (not even piecing!) that would be my first, technically.

    • the pictures are just some of the cuties I could fine which I thought would bean something. I have always called my daughter my little chick chick hence the chickens, pooh ones are also special as I like them all and have done since I was little. Dr suze are for my son as he grew up with them and loved them. the pentangle is for my daughter in law xx

    • My mum who is not very well but a lovely 67 years old wanted to put her mark on the quilt so I added it to it so he has something from his grandma and great grandma x

  10. Lorraine, you’ve really extended yourself to make a thoughtful gift for your grandson. Believe me, I know it isn’t as easy to come up with designs appropriate to a boy, as compared to a girl. He will treasure this into adulthood. I hope you find many more reasons to make quilts. Enjoy the process.

  11. So creative and imaginative! I see some amazing original designs in your future. Just one thing that I feel compelled to mention. Do I see buttons on the block, second from the right, on the last row? Buttons can be very dangerous to little ones with nimble fingers. Hope you don’t mind.
    Well done and can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  12. Lorraine your first quilt is fabulous! Welcome to the world of quilting, the hobby that never ends.
    Wendy you are a great teacher and I’ve learned a lot from your thread talk. I get all excited when I see one of your quilts on the cover of a magazine that I’ve been seeing sneak peeks of.

  13. Lorraine, what a great heirloom for your Grandson, it really shows all the love you have for him. Love the ultrasound pic addition, something I will keep in mind for future quilts. Congratulations and well done.

  14. What a fabulous first quilt! I love the mix of textures, ultrasound picture, and the Eric Carle Hungry Caterpillar fabrics! It looks like there’s some machine embroidery in there, too. Congratulations on your first quilt, Lorraine!

  15. Thank you one and all for all your comments, I am in the process of making another for my friends daughter who is a little cutie. It is going to be an Alphabet one to help her out with her words and on the reverse I might do the x tables xx

  16. its beautiful just like the person that made it who has such a big heart with so much love to give xx

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