No stitching required!

Belgian artist Isabelle de Borghgrave’s period clothing pieces are made ENTIRELY of paper – absolutely no stitching is involved!  How amazing is that?  Click here to read the story.  Be prepared for more eye-candies!

[Image source: Daily Mail, UK]

I am thoroughly impressed by Ms. Borghgrave!  Aren’t you glad our little corner of the universe is filled with many talented people?!  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a beautiful day!

p.s.  I do wonder, though, what wearing a paper-outfit would feel.

9 thoughts on “No stitching required!

  1. WOW… These are gorgeous! I wish I could see them in person — the article mentions “oversize mannequins” displaying the paper gowns, but doesn’t reference the size of any of the pieces. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. what a dress! back in the day, maybe mid to late sixties, paper dresses where a fad … not so elaborate as this, though. wear ’em once or twice and toss them! they crinkled, rather than rustled, and creased easily. if i remember right, there were a-lines, and chemise-types [waistless] among the styles. they hit just below the knees; you could cut them for the length. fun for awhile!

  3. Wow, that is gorgeous. I can’t imagine wearing paper dresses, either — seems they’d tear easily and might be a problem when they get wet, besides feeling uncomfortable against the skin. But they are pretty as a means of art.

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