New Life: Final Sneak Peek

Happy Monday, Friends!  My New Life quilt is complete!  I love how quilting adds personality to a quilt.   Hopefully you will see what I mean from the before and after pictures.  You will see that Mr. Mouse re-appears in a more prominent way! :)



Thanks for stopping by!  Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a Thread Talk post on free-handed feather wreaths!  Till then, tootles.

10 thoughts on “New Life: Final Sneak Peek

  1. Wendy, what an amazing befor e and after! Had you thread basted around the circle already in the before picture, or done some utility quilting of some kind around the yellow circles? I also really love the little spiral trail you added to the butterfly. Super cute!

  2. I have probably left a comment or two before with the same general idea – – your quilting is stunning. You have a keen eye for color, fabric, etc., but it’s the quilting that I just stare at. You are a true artist.

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