New Life: Sneak Peek #1

From the bold, bright and loud Sausalito quilt to something calmer, and incredibly sweet!  See that little mouse in one of the half-square-triangles?

I am working with fabrics from Riley Blake’s Woodland Tails group.   Click here to view the cutest fabrics.  You might want to buy whatever you need for your quilting needs before they fabrics run out.   My quilt pattern will be featured in one of the magazines in December.  Stay tuned for details.

Please forgive me for the short post today.  I am trying to get the Woodland Tails quilt out asap — so, I am going to run for now!  Take care!!  I will see you again on Monday.


13 thoughts on “New Life: Sneak Peek #1

  1. You know, I look at this and all I can think is, how on Earth did Wendy know ahead of time to put those deep, chocolate browns with that sweet pastel-on-white mousie print? Because, seeing them together, it’s absolutely perfect. But I know that if I was in the quilt shop picking fabric I would have had a pile of soft sherbet colors — pale orange, green, and yellow — and then I would have ended up with a boring blah quilt! I especially love that dark brown scalloped fan fabric. Looking forward to seeing what I know will be another beautiful quilt from you!

  2. Those browns are the ‘key’ to this quilt’s feel. I am so glad we, today, have gotten beyond the philosophy of years ago (when putting multiple prints together in multiple color-ways was a no-no) and are putting together such fresh and creatively exciting color combinations.

  3. I love/hate your teases! I love them because I get to see s peak at what you’re up to. I hate it because I csn’t wait to see the finished product! I admire your piecing….your points are always so precise.

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