Baubles, Baubles – Final Sneak Peeks

Hello Friends, I can’t believe it’s another new week again.  I stayed up on Friday night finishing up my Baubles, Baubles quilt.   I love working into the night — the quietness of the night actually energizes me.  That orange stripe fabric energizes the quilt too, I think.  That’s why I ended up using the fabric for the binding.

These very vibrant and bold fabrics are designed by Christine Graf for Quilting Treasures’ Sausalito collection.  Ms. Graf has quite an impressive portfolio.

Here is a glimpse of the quilt back:

These fabrics aren’t my normal style – but I have I really enjoyed working with them!!  I was a bit sad my Sausalito days came to an end with the completion of my Baubles, Baubles quilt.  It sure was good to get out of my usual box!!

Are you currently working on something (anything, definitely not limited to quilt projects) that are out of your usual comfort zone?

Alrightie – gotta run!  I shall catch up with you later.  HUGS!

16 thoughts on “Baubles, Baubles – Final Sneak Peeks

  1. I am so far out of my box my friends are taking bets I won’t finish it….I am learning to do hand applique…and I don’t do any handwork….not in years and years…as a matter of fact I have paid someone to do my bindings for years….I will finish this wallhanging if it kills me….sssshhhh…don’t tell anyone but I am actually enjoying hand applique….blessings…ps I love the colors on this quilt you did…

  2. I love the bright colors! It’s such a cheery quilt. Love to see your work.
    Did I tell you that I got a featherweight? I love it! It just does straight lines and reverse. Best straight line and best 1/4″ than I could ever do on my
    Viking Designer $ . I now consider myself to be a collector of Singer’s
    vintage machines, It just happened! Do you believe me????

  3. Love the colors! Couldn’t help smiling when I looked at the fabric, happy fabric.
    Finally taken the plunge, working on my first big FM project; stopped for a couple days just to do some projects in the sewing room like making a slipcover for sewing room desk chair and some rearranging of some things on the sewing table to make room for the bigger quilts. Took grandkids to vacation bible school this today so I didn’t get much done today but tomorrow feel like things will be back in business and the machine will be humming away.

  4. Love those fabrics. They are definitely my kind of fabrics. Can’t wait to see the entire quilt. What I’m working on is out of my box, but I’m having fun making a story quilt. I took Mary Lou Weidman’s story quilt class and it really energized me.

  5. Wendy, I love the quilt, colors and design of the fabrics! I love jewel tones as they make such a happy quilt. the last time I made a quilt out of my comfort zone was back in 2009 for my guild’s challenge. The fabrics were something I would never buy on my own. I liked the pattern I used but the finished quilt just doesn’t sing for me like my other challenge quilts. It is sitting on the back of a chair in the basement family room and hasn’t moved in 3 years! Does that tell you what I think of it? but as a member of our guild, I feel it is my duty to participate in the challenge, especially since it is my fave activity of the guild.
    take care dear quilter friend! We love to hear and see quilts from you.
    donna j from kansas

  6. It may noty be your usual, all those soft feminine quilts with heirloom quilting, but you’re right it is good to shake things up once in a while. Your design,amd the way you used those cheery fun fabrics, I’d say you using the fary colors are so bright and cheery

  7. Your quilts are so wonderful, I have one question, how do you take pictures of your quilts without all other backgrounds. Do you use special software for cutting and pasting? I have been trying to make just pictures of my quilts but I also have some other items in it like the wall, and I have not figured out to get it cut so it just shows the quilt.

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