Baubles, Baubles: Sneak Peek #2

Happy Friday, Everyone!  This week has gone by just as quickly as all my normal weeks.  I have been doing mostly behind-the-scenes stuff in order for my quilts to happen!  So I don’t really have too much to show for, but here is a snapshot showing my Baubles, Baubles quilt being quilted.

And before I go, here is a progress picture of the smocking on Miss Baby’s “Marbled Paper” dress.  I am not sure I like smocking 5 and 11-step trellis, but it’s too late for me to change the smocking plate now.  So, I shall just stick with it:

If all things go well, I will be getting a pair of linen cupboards this weekend to store my fabrics!  I am super super excited!!!   I hope to have pictures to show you next week.

Have a great weekend, Friends!  See you Monday.

18 thoughts on “Baubles, Baubles: Sneak Peek #2

  1. Love the dress! Hope you get your cabinets! I’d love to see your sewing area and how you store things some times. I do remember your boxes of scraps and smaller pieces.

  2. Once again the smoking is gorgeous and I love the fabrics in your sneak project. Look forward to seeing the linen cupboards. Have a great weekend.

  3. It looks like you are doing something really dotty & fun!!! Drunkard’s Path fun!!! Can’t wait to see it. Your smocking as always is just gorgeous :*)

    New cabinets??? What joy! Places to arrange fabric, to organize it, to watch the color bands take shape, oh my! I’m getting breathless just thinking of all the fun you will have with them!

  4. It is amazing to me that you do the beautiful quilting that you do on a standard Bernina. I see you pin very close together. I will have to do that since I getting some puckering on the back. I still need lots of practice on doing free motion quilting. Thanks for the photo. Love your blog.

  5. Just love the smocking and what a lucky little girl to have a mama so talented in all areas. Do post the pictures of the linen cabinets.Have a wonderful weekend. It is beginning toget rather warm in Southen New Mexico. Blessings to you and your family.

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