Smocked Angel-sleeve Bishop: Marbled Paper

I started smocking a new dress for Miss Baby over last weekend. I am only wanting the smocking to add a bit of texture to the fabric print, thus the color scheme of the smocking is subdued instead of bold and loud.

The fabric is Woodrow Studio’s (UK) Marbled Alchemy collection.  The print is licensed by Cockerell Papers, the oldest established marbler in the UK.

Doing a bit of trolling in the internet, I found the marbled pattern is called “Peacock” according to the Decorated and Decorative Paper Collection of University of Washington.  Hmmm… the pattern is definitely a candidate to be interpreted as quilting motif, but I digress.

Paper marbling is quite an interesting art form.  If you are intrigued by it as I was, Wikipedia has an interesting write-up on the history of paper marbling.    Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a fantastic day!

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